Jaipuri Quilts or Razai …

What’s So Enchanting About “Jaipuri Razai” A Jaipuri Razai is unique both for its artisan and for its functionality. First, in hand making these beautiful quilts, the artisans use the traditional textile-making skills of cotton carding, cotton voile-making and quilting. Cotton carding is the process of preparing cotton to use as cotton fill in a quilt. Once the fill is prepared, the artisans go on to make the quilts. It is important to layer the cotton evenly throughout the quilt. This is another characteristic of the handmade quilt that gives it its warmth. The shell of the quilt is usually high-quality soft cotton voile. Cotton voile is a lightweight, gauzy cotton fabric with a soft, smooth surface. The softness of the voile adds to the very snuggly, cozy nature of the comforter. The block print in Bagru is done mainly in beige, red and black. A shade of blue with much use of indigo blue dyeing processes is a characteristic of this centre. Bagru is also famous for its mud resist process Dabu and direct printing. The motifs are simple and include floral and linear patterns. After being filled, the quilt is stitched together. All the stitching is done with a hand-held needle.
To sum it up, the exquisite JAIPURI RAZAI, changes hands from about 15 skilled artisans, be it wood block makers, to colorists, to printers, to cotton carders, to final stitching people, not to forget the final checkers and packers. In all the lives of about 15 people are connected to one JAIPURI RAZAI.

Though my favorite place  where one can find Jaipuri Quilts which are statements of style and elegance is Fab India .

Fabindia kalamkari kalma blue double quilt : This quilt from Fabindia brings a pleasant shade of blue and elaborate kalamkari prints to your bed. Made of pure cotton, it is a perfect blend of comfort and style, with a traditional Indian touch.

Silk versions are also available but I prefer Cotton … Soft yet warm and best its easy to clean …

Or  One can  just pick a  double bed  bed cover which has  Jaipuri Prints and ask the  Jaipuri Quilt maker to design it to your own style …




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