Swing Time … Classic Indoor Swing Designs

Growing up shouldn’t mean having to let go of fun and free-spirited activities like swinging from the trees – or your living room rafters. Indoor swings can be as simple as a piece of wood strung from rope, or as complex as a hip set of eight modern swings around a dining room table.Origin of swings being used in interiors dates back various generations. Step inside a traditional South Indian home and you ought to find a jhoola, generally a bamboo swing. Gujarati houses have them typically placed in the living room. Typical Rajasthani houses generally have a jhoola in a bold floral fabric, suspended from the ceiling by simple chains, matching the room’s traditional design.

Indoor swings can be wood or metal, simple or ornate, and hung from the ceiling or from a frame. Swings can be installed just for looks or they can be used in the home for children to play as well as adults who are playful at heart. This is an exceptional idea for places where cold weather or rainy conditions is a factor and children want to play on a swing all year round and can be incorporated in interiors in countless different and eccentric ways.


Nest Hanging Swings : The shape may be fairly classic by now, but one thing this particular hanging chair has that others simply don’t is its highly unusual material: volcanic basalt fiber. Extremely lightweight and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Simple Living Room Swing : As captured in this image , an indoor swing can be just as simple as one you’d find hanging from a tree in the backyard.

Hanging hammock Swings : One of the wonderful things about hammock chairs is that unlike a conventional hammock you only need one hanging point instead of two. This normally gives people many more options to hang hammock chairs around their home.

Egg or Hanging Buble swing : Add a futuristic touch to your home decor with this hanging bubble chair. Perfect for patios or game rooms, this indoor/outdoor hanging chair features a sound swallowing quality and modern silver color. The acrylic hanging chair has a comfortable plush seat and a durable clear enclosure, giving the chair a modern, fun look.


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