Interior : Goan Portugease Design of ( Barcelo’s HKV , New Delhi)

Barcelos is famous for its flame grilled Peri Peri menu and has created its own unique following by introducing to the discerning Indian foodie their own brand of innovation.

Barcelos is a town in Portugal hence the theme of Portugal is reflected through the interiors and designs of the restaurant. Barcelos keep its focus on the modern and antique art for the interior. Stretched in the area of 3600 sq ft, Hauz Khas Village outlet has raw and rustic interiors. Each wall of the restaurant depicts the story of Portugal which is very unique and attractive.

Highlights :

The traditional pre-Portuguese homes were inward-looking with small windows; this reflected the secluded role of women. The houses opened into courtyards, and rarely opened onto streets. The catholic houses built or refurbished between the middle of the 18th and the 20th centuries were more outward-looking and ornamental, with balcões (covered porches) and verandas facing the street. The large balcões had built-in seating, open to the street, where men and women could sit together and ‘see and be seen’, chat with their neighbours, or just enjoy the evening breeze. These balcões are bordered by ornamental columns that sometimes continued along the steps and added to the stature of the house. This, together with the plinth, which usually indicated the status of the owners. The houses of rich landlords had high plinths with grand staircases leading to the front door or balcão. .

  1. Keeping the same in mind , Architect Mr . Dixit  prepared a lay out which matched some aspects of Pr- Portuguese Homes … As you enter the There is Coutyard like space  which at one side of it was kitchen ( secluded role of woman ) and  seating space having that Gothic type  furniture ( secluded role of woman when they use sew or have a tea party )  ..wooden though light coloured …
  2. The visually appealing to this area is  Graffiti  which on the wall ” The large balcões had built-in seating, open to the street, where men and women could sit together and ‘see and be seen’, chat with their neighbours, or just enjoy the evening breeze.” Lights switched off and Chandeliers reflect the light … Graffiti becomes alive …
  3. This area they have kept wooden flooring which give a little warm feeling  of- course  it also caters to the fact servers would not slip while moving in hurry  ..
  4. Keeping the structure in mind … The architects ave used the space very well … Low ceilings .. optimal ligthing … Kitchen does not come in scene at all … Whats the  happening in Kitchen  the customer is not able to guess … . As we move on  this the place where the Bar is … Interesting …. If you see the bar counter … its does not show up    … its like lobby as you enter the house and then straight to dining room .. which makes sense … People  sitting  at bar are not disturbing who are enjoying food with their families …
  5.  For any architect the hard place to shunt is ELECTRICAL PANEL inside the restaurant or office … Architect did a fabulous thing of hiding it under a Wall graffiti again  …
  6. The dining space … Bar chairs are very different … Its like armours … cosy family seats … lightening is good / bright though I thought the place lacked a natural light … one cannot do anything as this layout has no choice .
  7.  Giving it that authentic look of  FLOOR Tiles .These were as  unique

    which were  made with a perfect blend of Portuguese and Italian tiles .

In nut shell : at the New Restaurant of Barcelo’s … If a customer wants to enjoy a drink , he/ she has space  or bar table which they occupy and enjoy their drinks … If some body wants to have a wine with food some Fresh air … Then there is balcony which has been used  very nicely … Thats smoking area too with Bar slab to keep drinks … If some body wants to have family time sitting on couch   that option is there too …

Space has been utilized well to give options to one liking …



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