India Design 2016 – Godrej Design Labs

Second season of Godrej Design Lab commenced

Hemmant Jha is the Chief Design Officer at Godrej & Boyce and has more than 27 years of experience in architecture and design. He has a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University and an undergraduate degree from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. At G&B, Hemmant leads the Design Center, which is responsible for all things design – product, communication, user experience. His mission is to bring good design to life in all aspects of what Godrej does, small to spectacular. For Hemmant, design is what makes any product special. He believes that designing does more than just enhance the functional performance of a product and the idea of the design should live in the product. Hemmant is also the founder of Wheelwell, a non-profit organization dedicated for the creation of products and technologies for the people with physical disabilities, where he serves as the organization’s executive director. In the past, he has founded company’s industrial design and technology development like thinkmore and think/thing. Before joining Godrej Design Center, Hemmant was the Design Director at IA Collaborative and was responsible for conceptualizing, designing and developing products and building environments for IA’s global clients. He also has worked with Sony Electronics Design Center working across Los Angeles and Tokyo, and with the Harman International Advanced Research Group in Los Angeles..

Godrej Design Lab (GDL) a platform to give independent Indian designers an opportunity to grow entered its second season in a bigger and a better way. With an overwhelming response from designers GDL received over 900 entries nationwide. Launched last year with a concept to provide budding designers a platform to interact with design industry leaders and manufacturers, GDL severs as an innovative avenue to these aspiring designers working independently.

On the basis of originality, creativity and manufacturability of the product, GDL has shortlisted 9 incredible designs this year. These shortlisted designers are being mentored by Mr. Navroze Godrej, Executive Director, Strategy & Innovation, Godrej & Boyce & Mr. Hemmant Jha, Chief Design Officer, Godrej & Boyce, from past 3 months to further develop their design, remove technical flaws and create a physical prototype of their idea with the help of GDL. The mentoring has helped these designers bring innovative changes not only in their concepts but also in the prototypes and they are now preparing themselves to present their prototypes at the famous India Design ID in Delhi on 12th to 14th February, 2016.

The designers had applied for participation in categories like furniture, furnishings, lighting, home décor and accessories. This season saw a range of creative products with disruptive innovative concepts, few of them include Crochet Table, Slow Motion Door, Kinder Wagen, Kathfula Chair, Buoy Floating Lamp, Summerlight- writing/ working desk etc.

GDL had bought 4 designs from the shortlisted candidates of the last season on a royalty / fee structure basis to give these innovative designs a mass manufacturability and establish the designers in the industry. GDL aims to showcase and collaborate with the best design talents in India and, in doing so, raise the standard on Indian design.





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