Let’s make our space festival ready for the season

With the onset of autumn, India sees a high spirit of festivity in and around neighbourhood.  Everyone gears up redoing their space to welcome the festivity.

Home decor, besides being a mode of personal expression is also deeply influenced by the time we live in, the fashion that the time decides for us and a signature of the society we belong to. It completely depends on the kind or colors, textures and material one uses up to redo the space.Parushni Aggarwal, Founder & Creative Director, StudioCREO, pens down a few accessible ways to dec up your dens in a classy way. The entrance space of your house, the living room can be done in a way that it looks completely fresh and new.

Living Room Trends

The latest living room trends involve a contemporary look with bold colors and simplistic style furniture pieces.The artifacts used as elements for décor purposes only are statement pieces that complete a look with ease. Comfort is another important factor that is considered widely today.Living room spaces are seen from a utility point of view than just show.

Wall Treatments

The latest in wall treatments could be the use of tiles to create wall murals that are trending at a fast pace.Tiles come in many patterns and designs for the end consumer to be spoilt with choices.Also they are very easy to maintain making it a favourite among consumers today.

Furniture Trends

Straight-line method for furniture pieces is in vogue right now.Traditional and bulky furniture makes spaces look small and isn’t a favourite anymore.For an expansive look and easy to maintain, the contemporary look for luxury furniture is trending.

Minimalistic looks are more appreciated than clutter today.


Magari opens its doors to Bangalore

Magari, which means a ‘sense of hope’ is a design- centric, one-stop shop for everything one needs to convert a home or office into a special place

The brainchild of business person Vishal Wadhwa and architect Amitha Madan, Magari was established to bring (as the name suggests) ‘all that is desired’ home and office solutions under one roof.  The idea was to give a client, be it a designer or homemaker the option to customize details with the aid of an in house Design Team. The aspirational brand goes beyond being just a store; the aesthetically pleasing space designed by Amitha herself was done so with the objective to provide a platform to showcase design talent locally and from different parts of the world.

The vast range of products spread over three floors includes furniture, fabrics, lights, accessories, wallpaper, rugs, and wooden flooring, bedding, wardrobes and kitchen solutions. Magari is a hotbed of creativity and innovation. The store with its distinct brick walls and retro-chic interiors is a design study in itself. Share an idea, a dream or even a glimpse of a vision and the team would be delighted to make this your reality. Housing carefully curated pieces, the current collection of the in- house furnitiure brand Magari revives past traditions and art forms with modern detailing through the skills of local artisans. The focus is on period creations with modern flourishes. 70’s inspired sofas, ergonomic chairs, sleek tables made using joinery and rich grained four-poster beds greet you as you walk into the ground floor.


Magari’s philosophy is to create timeless design that inspires and promotes design itself. It has an open culture that celebrates difference. “We should be able to evolve and grow with the times and yet not lose the soul of the space” Says Madan, which is why they have an open courtyard adjoining the ground floor that doubles as a dedicated studio space.  They hope to have workshops conducted by experts on carpentry, pottery and product design from time to time, with the focus on reviving old crafts and adapting them to new forms.

Lovingly handpicked mirrors, candle stands, picture frames and vases placed intelligently around the space form the accessory range. Since lighting is one of the most defining design elements of any space, and to create the perfect ambience, an array of lamps, fixtures and statement pieces adorn the interiors.

A strategic partnership with Yavanika, a collection of eye-catching designer fabrics adds texture and colour to the space. A walk up to the first floor gives one an idea of how a home could come alive with Yavanika’s drapes, throws, cushions, upholstery and wallpaper. Samples of trending and modern tiles by Parador, a brand from Europe jigsaw across one corner, while a striking collection of hand-tufted and hand-woven rugs from the Rug Republic hangs above it.


The second floor houses Bofi kitchens, an international brand that is exclusively available at Magari.  Bofi blends functionality with design, and creative features that turn everyday cooking into a delightful experience. The Mora range of wardrobes are contemporary in style with an emphasis on attention to detail and fit in beautifully with the look and style that the store is trying to achieve.Each inspired collection brought to the floor is influenced by various global cultures and accentuated with signature accessories.From the wood that is chosen to work with, the fabric used, and the skilled workmanship that is employed, everything  is selected to enhance one’s experience.

With the undeniably extensive range and collection of products, the team’s refined design sensibilities, and a sensitivity to personal requirements, Magari really does have everything one can hope for under one roof.

Store Address:

872/D, Ground Floor,
Trinity Woods, 80 feet Road,

HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar,
Bangalore – 560 038

Store Timings: 11 a.m to 9 p.m



Why Knot- A Utility based Home Brand

Why Knot‘ is a celebration of wood and the ways in which you can treat it to carve out unique and beautiful artifacts. But we wanted a name for our brand that celebrates the uniqueness of wood but is very round and chic. As ‘Why Not’ is one of most commonly used expressions in our everyday lingo, we thought of clubbing the uniqueness of the wood I.e it’s ‘knots/grains’ with the contemporary pun intended good humored expression. And thus, we coined the brand ‘WHY KNOT’.

Why Knot is an unprecedented home decor and gifting brand that offers a varying range of products which are not only impeccably designed but are utilitarian too. Wood is Samarth Jhingan’s favourite raw material; hence he toils constantly to produce perfection out of wood. For the past three decades the artisans at Why Knot have been working diligently to create products which are an ideal blend of elegance and precision. Each of the twenty masters at Why Knot is an expert in thetraditional know-how of his craftsmanship and is passionate about it.

Apart from being unique in its own terms;Why Knot also takes pride in offering 100% natural, handmade products that are crafted with love and perfection.

Samarth Jhingan, Director and Product Designer, Why Knot

Samarth Jhingan, founded Lbk Corporation in 2008 with an aim to establish a state-of-the-art centre that would excel in producing woodcrafts that are carved with minute eye details.  With the knack for creating wonders, the 31-years old Delhi based designer worked diligently to create exclusive products from wood.

An artisan, entrepreneur and collector himself, Samarth completed his graduation in Industrial Design from Delhi. Coming from a manufacturing and designing background, Samarth soon realized his knack towardscreativity. He started his career by joining and supporting his father in his business. Working with his father not only helped Samarth to gain an extensive knowledge on art and creation, but also gave him the opportunity to explore many related avenues. This journey led him to develop the idea of creating extraordinary products out of woods.

Taking inspiration from his father, Samarth went ahead to establish Why Knot. It is a center for producing affordable, quirky products from wood.

Why Knot excels in introducing exclusivity in all the creations and products.  Every creation at Why Knot, whether modern, simple, conventional or exotic, beholds an element of ‘Nature’ at the very core of its design. Exhibiting the love and passion that a creator has for his creations, all the products at Why Knot tend to narrate a story.  Every product at Why Knot stands out from the other owing to its unique patterns formed by knots and grains together.

Availability: www.whyknot.in

Price Range: Rs. 450 onwards

“NORTHERN LIGHT ” Smart Living in Small Spaces


As living spaces seem to shrink but the demands of modern living grow, it can be hard to find a balance. The solution? Live smarter, not just smaller. BoConcept wants to help customers make the most out of their space – no matter what size. The 2017 catalogue is available from September 2016 at your local BoConcept store.

The new collection at BoConcept explores the best of Scandinavian simplicity with ‘Northern Light’. Rooms bathed in the crisp light of Scadinavia. The comforts of home, the integrity of wood and the colors of nature make simplicity the most exciting thing of all.  All things Scandinavian dominate the conversation in the worlds of food, fashion and culture at the moment, so BoConcept – with its six decades of experience in Danish design is ideal to shift the focus to the new Nordic Interior.

 Hampton Sofa

 The Hampton sofa is more than just a piece of beautiful design. You can also include storage built in to arms or an ottoman, so it’s functional as well as fabulous. Inspired by the exciting skyline of New York city, the new Hampton sofa is the pinnacle of urban luxury. It’s low base keeps it grounded while its innovative adjustable back cushions adapt to any situation.  It’s completely modular and customizable, so you can create a sofa that fits your home with BoConcept’s range of 120 lathers and fabrics.


 Quiltet Adelaide

Inspired by the curves of an acorn, Henrik Pedersen, a specialist in designing iconic chairs for BoConcept has created in Adelaide a chair that is visually beautiful, supremely comfortable and fully customizable. The newest face of the customer favourite Adelaide introduces quilted upholstery. It’s the most stylish and forward-looking version yet, created with quality and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from BoConcept. The Adelaide chair comes in so many different options – varying leg materials and heights, with armrests or without, in plastic or upholstered in over 120 fabrics and leathers – that you can basically design your own chair.


 Bornholm Coffee Table

 Bornholm Coffee Table will be introduced as ‘plug & play’ in September 2016 underlining the new Scandinavian style. To attract different customers and show variation, the said Coffee Table will be available in new materials and shapes – in the entry-level assortment. Place the two tables together and let the different sizes and heights compliment each other.


 ABOUT BoConcept

BoConcept is a premium furniture and accessories brand from Denamrk. Built with passion and persistence, the brand’s mission is to spoil the urban customer with affordable modern furniture and accessories. BoConcept takes pride in achieving the best results for their customers. The Interior Designers at BoConcept care about furniture and urban design as much as you do. BoConcept’s design and product knowledge can help you make the best choices for your spaces. BoConcept has a team of in-house designers who try to design the perfect furniture and accessories helping their customers realize their dream homes. The designers are dedicated to urban life and functionality but hold their background, ideas and approaches when creating the many beautiful pieces with International appeal, just for BoConcept


How to maintain Bed Linens


-Arora Drape is manufacturer of Upholstery and  a wide collection of high quality furnishing fabrics, rugs and carpets  such as cushions & bedding.


Bed linens make a big difference in the atmosphere of a room. They also make a big difference in how you’ll sleep. When you go to buy bed linens, you can find lots of different colors, patterns, fabrics, and prices for the pieces you need. And for as many different choices available, there are as many different ways of caring for them. Colors must be protected; fibers must be treated just right.

Thread count is the standard measure used when assessing the quality of bed linen. The thread count represents the number of threads (horizontal and vertical) contained in one square inch of the fabric. Thread counts for bed linen can range from as low as 80 for a basic fabric to as high as 400 for Egyptian cotton. Choose a fabric with a thread count of at least 100 and, if you’re aiming for a high quality feel, aim for one with a thread count of 200 or more.

Taking care of linen is easy. Linen fabrics are much stronger and smoother than cotton and there are only few things to know for your linen textile or clothes to last a long time.


Wash sheets separately from towels or other clothing. This gives the sheets more room to circulate in the water, which means they’ll get cleaner. Washing sheets alone also prevents damage caused by zippers and other fasteners, and it reduces the amount of pilling that can happen over time.

Use only mild detergent and not too much of it. Some detergents contain too harsh (for linen fabric items) cleaning materials that may damage your linens by making fabric thinner in places and causing the colors to fade. By using detergents thoughtfully you will maintain your linen bed linen in the same high quality as you purchased.


Linen bedlinen and other linen products can be dried in a dryer. It is only advisable not to over dry them because this can cause lesser durability and color fade. Over dried linens are also harder to iron (if you prefer ironing in the first place!) To keep your linen bedding in best shape just remember to get it from the dryer when they are still slightly damp

Ironing Bedding

If you want to iron your bed linen, it’s best to do it when it is slightly damp. If your bedding includes decorative details, place it facedown on the ironing board over a towel and iron it, or place a plain sheet over the top of the detailed section and iron over that.

Luxury bedding can last for 10 to 20 years if cared for properly, making it great value for money, so it’s worth splashing out on high quality bedding and caring for it properly. You can also get some fantastic deals on luxury bedding sets by shopping online, so it may not be as expensive as you think.

Change Linens Weekly

In most homes, changing bed sheets weekly is your best bet to keep your bed fresh and comfortable, and to protect your linens from excessive wear. Pillowcases may need to be changed twice a week. Your comforter, duvet, and quilts will only need to be laundered monthly.

Don’t Overdry

Take out bed linens as soon as they are dry and fold right away. If sheets are wrinkled, try throwing a wet sock or washcloth back into the dryer for 10 more minutes.

Storing Your Bed Linens

It’s always a good idea to have two or three sets of sheets per bed. Using one set on the bed and keeping one set in the storage closet, and one set for emergency uses if needed. You have to use 1 on your bed, another 1 on the storage and the last one for the laundry. Turn the sets of sheet you use more often so that they remain even. Replace the used bed linens once per week when the climate state is normal. You have to change them more often if you are from the humid and hot areas.

General Tips for Bed Linen Care

  • Use a mattress pad between the mattress and bottom sheet. Wash the pad when needed, at least every few months.
  • If you love a particularly expensive pattern, buy just the pillow cases and top sheet in the pattern. Buy the bottom sheets in a coordinating, less expensive solid.
  • When sheets are used as fabric for pillow covers, shams, bed skirts, tablecloths, or curtain panels,­ avoid washing them as they will lose body and become limp. Dry clean if necessary.

These are just basic recommended tips for caring for your bed linen