“NORTHERN LIGHT ” Smart Living in Small Spaces


As living spaces seem to shrink but the demands of modern living grow, it can be hard to find a balance. The solution? Live smarter, not just smaller. BoConcept wants to help customers make the most out of their space – no matter what size. The 2017 catalogue is available from September 2016 at your local BoConcept store.

The new collection at BoConcept explores the best of Scandinavian simplicity with ‘Northern Light’. Rooms bathed in the crisp light of Scadinavia. The comforts of home, the integrity of wood and the colors of nature make simplicity the most exciting thing of all.  All things Scandinavian dominate the conversation in the worlds of food, fashion and culture at the moment, so BoConcept – with its six decades of experience in Danish design is ideal to shift the focus to the new Nordic Interior.

 Hampton Sofa

 The Hampton sofa is more than just a piece of beautiful design. You can also include storage built in to arms or an ottoman, so it’s functional as well as fabulous. Inspired by the exciting skyline of New York city, the new Hampton sofa is the pinnacle of urban luxury. It’s low base keeps it grounded while its innovative adjustable back cushions adapt to any situation.  It’s completely modular and customizable, so you can create a sofa that fits your home with BoConcept’s range of 120 lathers and fabrics.


 Quiltet Adelaide

Inspired by the curves of an acorn, Henrik Pedersen, a specialist in designing iconic chairs for BoConcept has created in Adelaide a chair that is visually beautiful, supremely comfortable and fully customizable. The newest face of the customer favourite Adelaide introduces quilted upholstery. It’s the most stylish and forward-looking version yet, created with quality and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from BoConcept. The Adelaide chair comes in so many different options – varying leg materials and heights, with armrests or without, in plastic or upholstered in over 120 fabrics and leathers – that you can basically design your own chair.


 Bornholm Coffee Table

 Bornholm Coffee Table will be introduced as ‘plug & play’ in September 2016 underlining the new Scandinavian style. To attract different customers and show variation, the said Coffee Table will be available in new materials and shapes – in the entry-level assortment. Place the two tables together and let the different sizes and heights compliment each other.


 ABOUT BoConcept

BoConcept is a premium furniture and accessories brand from Denamrk. Built with passion and persistence, the brand’s mission is to spoil the urban customer with affordable modern furniture and accessories. BoConcept takes pride in achieving the best results for their customers. The Interior Designers at BoConcept care about furniture and urban design as much as you do. BoConcept’s design and product knowledge can help you make the best choices for your spaces. BoConcept has a team of in-house designers who try to design the perfect furniture and accessories helping their customers realize their dream homes. The designers are dedicated to urban life and functionality but hold their background, ideas and approaches when creating the many beautiful pieces with International appeal, just for BoConcept



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