Why Knot- A Utility based Home Brand

Why Knot‘ is a celebration of wood and the ways in which you can treat it to carve out unique and beautiful artifacts. But we wanted a name for our brand that celebrates the uniqueness of wood but is very round and chic. As ‘Why Not’ is one of most commonly used expressions in our everyday lingo, we thought of clubbing the uniqueness of the wood I.e it’s ‘knots/grains’ with the contemporary pun intended good humored expression. And thus, we coined the brand ‘WHY KNOT’.

Why Knot is an unprecedented home decor and gifting brand that offers a varying range of products which are not only impeccably designed but are utilitarian too. Wood is Samarth Jhingan’s favourite raw material; hence he toils constantly to produce perfection out of wood. For the past three decades the artisans at Why Knot have been working diligently to create products which are an ideal blend of elegance and precision. Each of the twenty masters at Why Knot is an expert in thetraditional know-how of his craftsmanship and is passionate about it.

Apart from being unique in its own terms;Why Knot also takes pride in offering 100% natural, handmade products that are crafted with love and perfection.

Samarth Jhingan, Director and Product Designer, Why Knot

Samarth Jhingan, founded Lbk Corporation in 2008 with an aim to establish a state-of-the-art centre that would excel in producing woodcrafts that are carved with minute eye details.  With the knack for creating wonders, the 31-years old Delhi based designer worked diligently to create exclusive products from wood.

An artisan, entrepreneur and collector himself, Samarth completed his graduation in Industrial Design from Delhi. Coming from a manufacturing and designing background, Samarth soon realized his knack towardscreativity. He started his career by joining and supporting his father in his business. Working with his father not only helped Samarth to gain an extensive knowledge on art and creation, but also gave him the opportunity to explore many related avenues. This journey led him to develop the idea of creating extraordinary products out of woods.

Taking inspiration from his father, Samarth went ahead to establish Why Knot. It is a center for producing affordable, quirky products from wood.

Why Knot excels in introducing exclusivity in all the creations and products.  Every creation at Why Knot, whether modern, simple, conventional or exotic, beholds an element of ‘Nature’ at the very core of its design. Exhibiting the love and passion that a creator has for his creations, all the products at Why Knot tend to narrate a story.  Every product at Why Knot stands out from the other owing to its unique patterns formed by knots and grains together.

Availability: www.whyknot.in

Price Range: Rs. 450 onwards


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