This Diwali gift yourself a ‘comfy corner’

Kansai Nerolac shares tips to do up your favourite space


From kitchen cabinets to bookshelves, closets to long forgotten lofts, every corner of the home comes alive when touched with the magic wand of Diwali. Among this hustle – bustle we all have a favourite place that we feel particularly drawn to like a swing in your balcony or a chair besides the window in your bedroom. This Diwali, Kansai Nerolac recommends that you redecorate your favourite corner with some quick and cost effective ideas.

Add sparkle to your space: Add glamour to your cosy corner; experiment with a Glitter finish paint to brighten up the space.  For instance add stripes of glitter finish on the wall in contrasting colours such as timeless gold and white. Don’t restrict yourself to painting just the wall; add hints of Nerolac Glitter finish paint on metallic and wooden furniture and accessories like picture frames and bookshelves too. For instance, consider pairing Sunset Gold highlights on wooden frames and bookshelves if your wall is deep red or terracotta in colour.

Let Lighting take the lead: Most of us use a wide range of lighting products from spotlights to rice lights around the house. For instance, fairy lights create a dreamy feel while warm and muted yellow lighting helps in unwinding and doubles up as both decorative and functional. Select lighting to match your favourite activity in your comfy corner whether it is reading which requires bright adjustable lighting or simply sipping on a warm mug of chocolate milk for which just rice lights are fine.

Bring a memory to life:

Here’s a tip especially for newlyweds… If you painstakingly chose Ivory and Red or Coral and Teal as your wedding theme then you will probably love this colour combination for ever. Nerolac recommends gathering knick knacks and memorabilia from the wedding together, framing it and putting it up against a ‘Worn White’ or ‘French Vanilla’ wall to surround yourself with memories of your big day.

Additionally, with the Kansai Nerolac Colour Picker App you may upload pictures of your wedding and pick home paint colours from these images to create your very own palette. The Colour Picker App helps you translate colours you love into a palette for your home.



Kansai Nerolac introduces Excel Mica Marble

India’s First Acrylic Emulsion with Mica and Marble

 nerolac-3d-packshot~ Nerolac Mica Marble is an extremely durable, tough and water repellant paint~

Homeowners across the country are gearing up for the much anticipated festive season. They also have a to-do list that goes on and on.

Home painting is at the top of this list for most of us. Selecting paints is difficult. We need to weight factors like durability, lasting appeal and most importantly, will the paint withstand the onslaught of harsh weather conditions?

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd, one of India’s leading paint companies has launched India’s first paint for exteriors that combines the inherent durability of Mica with the smooth shine of Marble.

Nerolac Excel Mica Marble has a unique formulation of Mica particles and Marble boosters. Combined Mica-Marble transform exterior paints into a protective and aesthetically appealing shield for walls from the onslaught of the elements like heavy rain.

Excel Mica Marble has enhanced mica particles that form a multi layered sheets. These reduce the intensity of the water droplet as it passes through each layer, providing excellent water barrier to the walls. Mica is also elastic in nature and can withstand hairline cracks.

The special grade of mica and marble provides enhanced barrier protection, paint film reinforcement, increased inter-coat adhesion and toughness.

UV rays of the Sun act as bleaching agents making walls fade over time. High quality Marble pigments in Nerolac Excel Mica Marble acts as an anti- UV agent keeping homes up to 5-degrees cooler.Mica Marble Acrylic Emulsion Paint is suitable for applying for exteriors of houses, architectural and commercial buildings.


Apart from its high Sheen and toughness that provide a classy look, Excel Mica Marble Acrylic Emulsion Paint has the following performance features and benefits:


Ø  Good opacity and covering

Ø  Low VOC

Ø  Water barrier protection

Ø  Good colour retention

Ø  Dirt Resistant

Ø  Improved anti-algal performance

Ø  Keeps homes up to 5 degrees cooler

To highlight these extreme performance attributes of toughness and shine, a TVC featuring ace cricketers – Suresh Raina, Brendon Mc Cullum, Dwayne Bravo, Ishan Kishan and Ravindra Jadeja from the IPL team Gujarat Lions has been launched.

Kansai Nerolac Mica Marble Acrylic Emulsion Paint is retailing at all major stores at a price range starting from approximately Rs. 300

About Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd:

With a rich heritage of over 90 years in the paint industry, Kansai Nerolac Paints is one of the largest paint companies in India and the leader in industrial segment. A wholly owned subsidiary of Kansai Paints, ; that ranks in the top ten paint companies worldwide, Kansai Nerolac manufactures a diversified range of products ranging from decorative paint coatings for homes, offices, hospitals and hotels to sophisticated industrial coatings for industries.

Kansai Nerolac has established itself as a leader in product innovation with its initiatives including no added lead, Low VOC and HD finishes with brands like Impression & Excel. Through its product portfolio and customer awareness campaigns to promote environmental sensitivity, KNPL is trying in its own way to gift a sustainable future.


The avant-garde furnishing brand Bent Chair forays in the Indian online space with its exclusive out of the box designs. Bent Chair is synonymous with panache and never-ending creativity. The name ‘Bent Chair’ refers to something that has been altered from its original form to a rather unusual figure. Bent Chair was originated to create a one-stop shop for all furnishing needs. The collection is inspired by natural elements, fusing quirky and contemporary work to craft stunning pieces.

The online store offers statement furnishings with timeless style in categories like exquisite furniture that consists of tables, chairs, bookshelves etc. Botanics section, which comprises of faux floral sticks and faux potted plants and quirky corner which holds some funky home accessories such as vases, tea lights, sculptures, cushions etc.

The last few years have seen a noticeable shift in consumer behavior, and today a larger share of the purchasing happens online, hence keeping in mind the change in consumer behaviors and purchasing pattern. The conscious purpose of launching online store for the initial phase was taken in consideration to make furniture shopping easier for people at the comfort of their home or business. Visitors to the site can see all the products available, prices, and details about each furniture piece and accessory.


On the account of the launch Mr. Neeraj Jain, Founder, Bent Chair says,“ As per the Red Seer consulting report The Indian e-tailing industry is booming and is pegged to become a USD 100 billion market from current USD 10 billion in the next 5 years.  We wanted to bring in the eminent elements like engineering; technology and high design all together to consumer’s lifestyle that marked the existence of Bent Chair. The website will provide an exemplary consumer experience of buying luxury furniture online without any hassle, which Bent Chair promises to offer.We believe Bent Chair will revolutionize the way consumers shop for their homes. Bent Chair will provide its customers a convenient and unique shopping experience, where they can get lifestyle products at great value, across a wide range of categories all under one roof. The online store offers a good mix of products to its aspirational and lifestyle buyers, with an underlying principle of keeping traditions alive in a contemporary world  ” adds Natasha Jain, Co Founder, Bent Chair

 The idea of Bent Chair was not just to be another online aggregator of home decor and furniture needs but actually invest in curating out of the box designs by the local artisans giving them the power of using the cutting edge technologies and bring alive these designs by manufacturing them in house.


Bent Chair is the one stop-furnishing destination with more than 500 products across categories in furniture, home décor and accessories.

About Bent Chair

Bent Chair a lifestyle brand that was born out of creatively unconventional young individuals who wanted to create a one-stop shop for all furnishing needs. Bent Chair is synonymous with panache and never-ending creativity. The name ‘Bent Chair’ refers to something that has been altered from its original form to a rather unusual figure.

Our passion and persistence for curating and crafting the finest in furniture and home décor products makes us the part of the home building journey of million consumers. The brand leaves no stone unturned in delighting its consumers with a wide range of products be it elegant furniture or decor accessories everything on your doorstep at impeccable prices.Our vision is to bring to India affordable luxury with a universal appeal. At the same time focus on leveraging our in-depth expertise, best of technologies integrated with traditional Indian artisans to build a contemporary urban home aesthetic space.Indulgence in each and every minute detail is an inevitable part of the brand’s journey. Hundreds of such small steps ensure in achieving the mission of setting global benchmarks for distinctive products, bringing unmatched customer experiences and trustworthy best practices.


Website link


This Diwali, Ferrero Rocher gives you Golden Inspiration for your home décor

Diwali is a time when we decorate every corner of our home to give it a fresh and bright festive look as it adds to the enthusiasm to the festivities.  We decorate our houses with diyas, candles, flower decorations, string lights, Rangoli, idols of Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi in order to make our homes look festive.

This Diwali, Ferrero Rocher gives its consumers inspirational decoration ideas to add a golden touch to their home decoration. Consumers will be inspired by these Golden Inspiration DIY (Do It Yourself) decoration ideas to make their homes beautiful.

Besides the Golden Inspiration Ideas, with every special edition of Ferrero Rocher T24 pralines pack, consumers will get 3 Golden Lanterns decor material that they can create with few simple steps and make it them part of their beautiful home decoration. Ferrero Rocher on their digital platform like Facebook is encouraging consumers to share their home decoration with these Golden Lanterns to get a chance to win a trip to Italy, the homeland of the finest golden praline and other exciting prizes. Special edition Ferrero Rocher T24 pralines packs are available in selected modern trade stores across India.

Here are a few easy, elegant and premium ways to decor your home this Diwali and you free to add your own unique touch.

 Diwali lotus décor

Welcome this Diwali with a masterpiece in every sense of the word, this simple yet elegant creation can pose as the centrepiece for your festive decorations – a perfect setting with your favourite Ferrero Rocher


Golden dinner delight                                                                   

Hosting a dinner for your family and friends is a part of the Diwali celebration. Add these decorous Ferrero Rocher surprises on to your stylish table setting when you host friends and family this Diwali.


Golden Glow lantern

Decorative lanterns are the main features of Diwali. Ferrero Rocher shows a quick and easy way to brighten up your home with golden elegance with these intricately designed lanterns that can be personalized to match your Diwali home décor


Diwali delight in a box

In purist of the perfect Diwali gift for your loved one, this elegant DIY box is just what you’ve have been looking for!  Diwali delight in a box also allows you add a personalized message for your loved ones


 To get more Golden inspiration for festivities & occasion, visit

How to deal with darkness and shadows in living place

It’s challenge to make space in your living space when darkness is occupied throughout the room. Even for your darkest rooms there is a way to bring in lighter finishes to play off of the darker ones. Many times we clutter our home with bulky dark furniture, dark color walls which makes the room dark. In such cases a bigger or bay window or lighter colors on your walls would give relief to the space. The brown, white, tan families of colors are extremely versatile and look great when placed next to dark wood floors, doors, and heavy wood furniture. You can paint the ceiling in white.
Ways to achieve:

Look to add mirrors where you can to reflect the light you do have.
If you have dark walls, why not create a contrast with light bedding in soft ecru, butter yellow, or varying shades of off white sheets, throw pillows, and bedroom decor to give your bedroom a balanced and relaxing atmosphere. Look to creative lighting in display built-in shelves such as “puck” or under cabinet lighting and accent fixtures such as pendants and table lamps with soft glowing lamp shades to do just the trick! Replace your door with a glass one. If these options aren’t practical, simply painting your doors a lighter color will help brighten the room.


Mirror partition used to give illusion of bigger living space

 picture-2Make sure it ties in with the décor:

While making essential changes or working on ideas to illuminate room one should remember to adhere to the decor. Install wall-mounted shelving. Another trick for making a room appear brighter is to eliminate the need for a lot of furniture. Instead of having a bunch of bookshelves and tables, try installing wall-mounted shelves that are composed of light-colored wood or painted white. Use them to store your books and a few decorations. Now you’ve eliminated the shadows cast by extra tables and other furniture. Brighten up your flooring. If you have dark-colored floors, the quickest fix is to buy a brightly-colored throw rug to cover them up.

Yellow and pestle color furniture gels with white and off white color room

Proper placement of furniture and accessories:

Many times impulsive buying decision or placing too much heavy furniture leads to total clutter in anyone’s living room. Whenever we go for home essential shopping we get excited to see many home decor accessories. After placing the accessory we might find it hideous, which would latter resulted in interior mistake. Most people simply put everything against the wall when it comes to furniture placement. This creates negative energy and dead space. A bed that peeks over a window frame looks odd from the street and can lead to uneven fading.


Wall mounted cupboard gave relief to this room instead of clutter of furniture picture-4-rexine-wallpaper


Make use of materials and finishes that reflects light

High gloss paint, Mirrors, Shiny wallpapers, Rexine, kitchen island can be made up with copper would make great statement and add elegant design aesthetic. One can use copper to dress up a room with a tasteful accent piece, or add a touch of vintage charm.



Here rexine wallpaper adds features to the bedroom wall.

About Aesthetic Design: 

Aesthetic Designs is registered under provision of the Architect Act, 1972. They have been Operating in India, Middle East, Far East, and Europe for last 25 years providing services in architectural, Structural engineering, planning and interior design. The main priority of the firm and its staff is to build a strong working relationship and open communication with each client. They have been able to consistently deliver innovative, attractive, and cost-effective project solutions to meet each client’s functional, schedule and budgetary requirements. They are expertise in Architecture, Sustainable designs, 3D Visualization, Urban Design, Interior Design.

The company was founded by firm’s Principal Architect Juzer Chahwala ,who has practiced architecture in Mumbai since 1990. During his architectural career he has developed an extensive and loyal client base while working on many distinctive and successful building projects as firm’s Principal, project designer, and administrator. They believe architectural design isn’t just about the latest in technical drafting, building technologies, or even project management styles. It’s all about a process of architects and clients working together to balance complex requirements with bold project solutions that are both functional and beautiful.