How to deal with darkness and shadows in living place

It’s challenge to make space in your living space when darkness is occupied throughout the room. Even for your darkest rooms there is a way to bring in lighter finishes to play off of the darker ones. Many times we clutter our home with bulky dark furniture, dark color walls which makes the room dark. In such cases a bigger or bay window or lighter colors on your walls would give relief to the space. The brown, white, tan families of colors are extremely versatile and look great when placed next to dark wood floors, doors, and heavy wood furniture. You can paint the ceiling in white.
Ways to achieve:

Look to add mirrors where you can to reflect the light you do have.
If you have dark walls, why not create a contrast with light bedding in soft ecru, butter yellow, or varying shades of off white sheets, throw pillows, and bedroom decor to give your bedroom a balanced and relaxing atmosphere. Look to creative lighting in display built-in shelves such as “puck” or under cabinet lighting and accent fixtures such as pendants and table lamps with soft glowing lamp shades to do just the trick! Replace your door with a glass one. If these options aren’t practical, simply painting your doors a lighter color will help brighten the room.


Mirror partition used to give illusion of bigger living space

 picture-2Make sure it ties in with the décor:

While making essential changes or working on ideas to illuminate room one should remember to adhere to the decor. Install wall-mounted shelving. Another trick for making a room appear brighter is to eliminate the need for a lot of furniture. Instead of having a bunch of bookshelves and tables, try installing wall-mounted shelves that are composed of light-colored wood or painted white. Use them to store your books and a few decorations. Now you’ve eliminated the shadows cast by extra tables and other furniture. Brighten up your flooring. If you have dark-colored floors, the quickest fix is to buy a brightly-colored throw rug to cover them up.

Yellow and pestle color furniture gels with white and off white color room

Proper placement of furniture and accessories:

Many times impulsive buying decision or placing too much heavy furniture leads to total clutter in anyone’s living room. Whenever we go for home essential shopping we get excited to see many home decor accessories. After placing the accessory we might find it hideous, which would latter resulted in interior mistake. Most people simply put everything against the wall when it comes to furniture placement. This creates negative energy and dead space. A bed that peeks over a window frame looks odd from the street and can lead to uneven fading.


Wall mounted cupboard gave relief to this room instead of clutter of furniture picture-4-rexine-wallpaper


Make use of materials and finishes that reflects light

High gloss paint, Mirrors, Shiny wallpapers, Rexine, kitchen island can be made up with copper would make great statement and add elegant design aesthetic. One can use copper to dress up a room with a tasteful accent piece, or add a touch of vintage charm.



Here rexine wallpaper adds features to the bedroom wall.

About Aesthetic Design: 

Aesthetic Designs is registered under provision of the Architect Act, 1972. They have been Operating in India, Middle East, Far East, and Europe for last 25 years providing services in architectural, Structural engineering, planning and interior design. The main priority of the firm and its staff is to build a strong working relationship and open communication with each client. They have been able to consistently deliver innovative, attractive, and cost-effective project solutions to meet each client’s functional, schedule and budgetary requirements. They are expertise in Architecture, Sustainable designs, 3D Visualization, Urban Design, Interior Design.

The company was founded by firm’s Principal Architect Juzer Chahwala ,who has practiced architecture in Mumbai since 1990. During his architectural career he has developed an extensive and loyal client base while working on many distinctive and successful building projects as firm’s Principal, project designer, and administrator. They believe architectural design isn’t just about the latest in technical drafting, building technologies, or even project management styles. It’s all about a process of architects and clients working together to balance complex requirements with bold project solutions that are both functional and beautiful.


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