Festive Collection launch of Cocoon Fine Rugs

Cocoon Fine Rugs launched its new festive collection at Cocoon Gallery, Pretoria Street on 25th October. It was an evening with a mix of art, fashion and free flowing conversations hosted by Aradhana Dalmia of The Artemist. Ayush Choudhary, Creative Director and MD of Cocoon Fine Rugs was also present for the unveiling of the festive collection. “Art leaves an impact and legacy behind. Art comes in many forms, one of the unique forms being carpets. There are so many ways to display a carpet. From traditional hand weaves to modern and abstract, every carpet can be a masterpiece!” said Aradhana Dalmia, who is also an artist and an art consultant. Artist Sumanta Dey of The Artemist was also at the launch creating sample designs for customized carpets for the guests to choose and order.


When someone thinks of design, one has traditionally always thought of couture, art and its likes. Ayush can be attributed to changing that perception drastically and ensuring that handmade rugs intricately weave their way into the sphere of high design. “Cocoon Fine Rugs today has become the most renowned rug brands catering to the design community in India. Cocoon has also collaborated with celebrated fashion designer Varun Bahl and multiple award winner interior and product designer Rooshad Shroff to come up with limited-edition collections of rugs. This festive season we bring to you a whole new range of Cocoon Fine Rugs, thus ensuring that Cocoon continues to push the envelope when it comes to rug design,” said Ayush Choudhary, Creative Director and MD of Cocoon Fine Rugs.

Cocoon Fine Rugs teamed up with Varun Bahl, to bring the ‘Baroque Garden’ collection. The Collection is inspired from the Baroque period and reflects unmistakable splendour and flamboyance. It is crafted with finesse bringing out the sensual drama of the baroque era. Universal in nature, it is beautiful and rich in both – appearance and quality. Using and breaking the rule of classical design-making, Baroque was the explicit state of Varun Bahl’s mind while designing this collection.

Rooshad Shroff’s ‘Tessellations’ Collection was inspired by the traditional Indian flooring patterns of Heritage Bungalows. Rooshad, a trendsetter in the industry, noticed that people are more open to having heavily patterned floorings which form the main focus within the interiors these days.  Adding an interesting modern twist to it, he morphed these traditional patterns from one shape to another and infused the designs with a burst of bright colours making them ideal for adding additional colour within a space. The result of which is a range of unmatched rugs which would be a perfect fit for traditional and modern houses.


All of 31, Ayush Choudhary decided to take Cocoon’s parent company ‘Choudhary Exports’ one step forward to create a niche market in India for designer rugs. Armed with a ‘BSc in Finance and Marketing’ from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a dual Master’s degree from London School of Economics (LSE) and ESADE, Barcelona, Ayush returned back to India to take his love for design and luxury to the next level by launching Cocoon in the Indian market. Through his fresh perspective towards contemporary and vintage design aesthetics, textures and sustainable materials, he has managed to give new life to the traditional hand crafted rug industry of India. His vision and a keen eye for excellent design has made Cocoon a brand that is globally recognised and ensured that their signature rugs receive critical acclaim year after year at the prestigious Carpet Design Awards in Germany.

Cocoon has exclusive galleries in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata.


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