Aqua Clean Mera Shower Toilet by Geberit

European leader in the field of sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics, Geberit is participating in ISH 2017; International trade fair for plumbing, sanitation, bathroom & kitchen, renewable energy and home automation systems, being held at Knowledge Park, Greater Noida, NCR.

Talking during the event, Mr. Abubaker Koya, Managing Director, shared “Geberit is in India (as a fully owned subsidiary) since 2010, headquartered in Bangalore and with the production facility (for concealed cisterns) in Pune. While the initial focus was on concealed cisterns, today Geberit has also gained market leadership in the premium piping/ drainage business (with emphasis on pre-fab behind-the-wall technology) among major corporates and developers across India.”

“The industry size in India is about 15,000 crores INR and the space Geberit operates is in about half of it, very specifically at the premium end of the segment. Interestingly the Sanitary Industry in particular, has kept pace with the reality industry (real estate) growth in India at about 10-15% per annum. However, the premium segment within this, where companies like Geberit are major players, has grown at a higher rate >20% per annum.”

“In the Sanitary Industry, within toilets, one is seeing a major shift to wall-hung toilets. Due to this change, the new flushing systems (concealed cisterns) market is evolving in a big way and Geberit is a major player in that area today,” said Mr. Koya.


Talking about the product launch at the show, Mr. Koya shared “We are launching advanced shower toilets (AquaClean Mera & Sela) and urinal series (Preda and Selva) at this show. The AquaClean Mera shower toilet offers a whole new level of comfort, with its sophisticated technology and stylish design complementing each other perfectly to create a masterpiece of function and design”.

Talking about their community outreach initiatives, Mr. Koya said “Geberit has helped establish India’s first Plumbing Lab in Pune and is working with institutions to create customized learning and knowledge sharing programmes.”

The Geberit AquaClean Mera


The Geberit AquaClean Mera Classic and Comfort models are characterised by high-quality materials, smooth lines and seamless transitions. The chrome surfaces on the design cover create an impression of floating, accentuated by the play of reflections. The shower toilet blends emphatically yet harmoniously into any bathroom environment and, thanks to its sophisticated technology, all of the power and water supply connections are incorporated into the housing. Indeed, this shower toilet will never cease to amaze you, no matter how many times you use it.

 Two models: Classic and Comfort

Even the impressive AquaClean Mera Classic comes fully equipped to a very high standard. It includes highly effective, low-noise odour extraction, an intelligent warm air dryer and a user friendly remote control, which allows you to operate the various functions in an intuitive way to suit your personal preferences. The model Comfort offers additional comfort functions, such as a discreet orientation light, which is activated via a proximity sensor and attracts attention straight away – and serves as a guide at night. The WC lid opens automatically as you approach, so there is no need to lift it manually – what could be more convenient and hygienic than that? Activated by the same proximity sensor, the ergonomically shaped WC seat starts warming up as soon as you approach it. One particular benefit is that all these functions use virtually no electricity in their idle state.


 Soft, vitalising shower spray

When it comes to the spray functionality, the centerpiece of any shower toilet, the Geberit AquaClean Mera Classic and Comfort models present a ground-breaking, revolutionary achievement in engineering. The patented WhirlSpray shower technology, a Geberit invention, uses two nozzles to provide an extremely targeted, thorough and exceptionally pleasant clean thanks to a pulsating shower spray enhanced by dynamic aeration. The separate lady wash is kept hygienically protected right up until it is used, delivering a particularly soft shower spray. With this shower toilet, any fear of being caught cold is most definitely misplaced: the hot water system is fed by a continuous flow heater combined with a storage water heater. This provides an instant supply of water at body temperature and prevents the water temperature from falling too early.

Price Range: 3-5 lakhs 
Availability of the product: From April in all premium stores

Asian Paints Unveils the Much Anticipated ‘ColourNext 2017’ Trends, Announces ‘Intense Ocean’ as Colour of the Year

Introduces Local Pride, Bot Is Human, Elixir, and Slow Living as the four trends that will guide design language for 2017

ColourNext, Asian Paints’ annual colour & décor trends forecast, has provided direction to the design industry for over a decade. 2017 marks the 14th edition of Asian Paints’ ColourNext trend forecast. These significant discoveries are the result of a year-round scientific study, carried out by an expert panel of India’s top designers, architects noted sociologists and advertising professionals.

They have studied the socio-economic and political environment, articulated, and visually mapped the emerging patterns to arrive at four trends that will lead design this year: Local Pride, Bot Is Human, Elixir and Slow Living. Along with these themes, they are introducing a beautiful new shade, ‘Intense Ocean,’ as the colour that represents the mood of the year to come, the Colour of 2017.


Indian design professionals, architects, and interior decorators look to ColourNext’s forecasts to shed light on a design language that will set the tone for an entire year.

The ocean is beautiful in its various forms: stormy, still, and forever changing colour as it dances with the sunlight. This year’s Colour of the Year, Intense Ocean, is inspired by the duality of this enigmatic force of nature. Its ferocity and calmness, strength, and fragility. Intense Ocean is a wonderful blend of grey (representing detachment and composure), blue (representing depth and wisdom), and green (representing stability and endurance). Intense Ocean represents yearning, a yearning to empty ourselves of the non-essential to fill ourselves with what matters or rather, should.

The first theme is Local Pride. Local Pride takes the focus away from the ‘monoculture’ that all of us have started mimicking as a result of globalization. It is a celebration of the many subcultures that make us who we are, a joyous celebration of our roots. Experts predict that this year, design professionals will make use of local methods to inject individuality in their work that cannot be imitated.

The theme involves materials like bamboo and coconut wood, juxtaposed with red oxide and black pottery. This is played up by earthen green and copper, supported by shades of dusk blue and vintage purple.

The second theme, Bot Is Human, is about the movement towards humanoid technology with the intelligence and empathy of a human being. This isn’t a commentary on its negative or positive effects, rather, it is just a story on human-machine interaction.

To translate this sentiment visually, ColourNext has predicted the use of beech wood, felt, and mesh fabrics against innovative textures, such as honeycomb and latex. Forecast colours are shades like Pale Sisal (a pure white), Burgundy Plus, and Olive Path (an olive green with mint undertones) next to supporting colours like metallic grey and a charcoal-like black.

In sync with the Colour of the Year, Intense Ocean, the third theme is Elixir, which represents water. Water is, after all, the elixir of life. Water has many forms and expressions. It is a natural resource that our survival depends on, a fact we recognize and still take for granted. The fluidity of water also embodies tranquility, strength, and optimism.

The manifestation of Elixir happens through materials that react with water, and irreversibly so. This includes materials like oak wood and titanium. Its lead forecast colours are shades of teal, brown and pink: like vintage rose and igneous rock. These colours are supported by shades of forest greens, as well as a brown and blue with grey undertones.

The fourth and final trend of the year is Slow Living, a reminder to be mindful of the need to pause and compose. Slow Living impels us to focus on our mind, body, soul and surroundings.

Because Slow Living is all about immersing oneself in the moment, it is best portrayed by palpable textures like sponge and materials like burma teak, leather, and ceramics. Its colours are muted pastels (Lilac Dash, Dusty Trail, and Grazing Land), brought to life by supporting hues of faded brown (Timer Land) and baby blue (Alliance).

Speaking on ColourNext 2017 Mr. Amit Syngle, President of the Sales, Marketing & Technology, Asian Paints Ltd. said,ColourNext has been growing in acceptance over the last few years and the application of our forecasts across industries is quite encouraging. In our forecast for this year, we are confident we have the pulse of the society we live in. As part of ColourNext 2017, the four trends and Colour of the Year work in sync, and aim to set in motion design trends for the rest of the year. These forecasts are a result of India’s leading architects, sociologists, designers, and advertising professionals bringing their expertise together. They study the changing behaviour of society, the roots of past trends, and local and international marketplaces. Like last year, we believe this year’s predictions will also provide inspiration for the design industry at large.”

Urban Ladder Launches Programme for Interior Designers to Help them Make Homes Beautiful

The brand aims to provide quality and easily accessible furniture for the interior designer community

Urban Ladder, India’s leading home furnishing brand today announced the launch of a new programme, ‘UL Co-lab’. Complementing Urban Ladder’s existing superior product offering, UL Co-lab will connect and build a community of interior designers on one platform. A concierge service, this programme will help designers manage the entire customer lifecycle. From selection of the right products to product installation in the customer’s home. Designers a part of this network will have access to exclusive services benefiting customers.


UL Co-lab will help designers overcome the challenge of project management and empower them to provide their customers with the best design solutions. It will also help designers reduce project timelines significantly with a specially designed ready-to-ship inventory model. Urban Ladder will manage the entire customer lifecycle from order to installation. This helps designers plan better and reduce the turnaround time for projects.

Enabled largely by technology, members of UL Co-lab can provide customers a real-world experience of designing their homes. An exclusive plug-and-play tech offering, 3D models of all products and Urban Ladder’s revolutionary augmented reality applications, Urban Storage and Living Spaces, will enable faster and seamless design. This network will also have extended delivery and installation in non-serviced locations such as Lonavala, Kodaikanal, Lucknow, Bhopal etc. Designers will be provided with additional pricing benefits solving the most acute gaps in a seamless way. UL Co-lab currently has 60 design firms from Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi as a part of this community.

“As designers, we are full of creative new ideas. The challenge comes in when we can’t execute and coordinate them. Finding the right materials, coordinating with vendors, and getting all the furnishing and accessories in one place is the biggest challenge faced by most interior designers. Urban Ladder understands this process. With UL Co-lab we have easy access to Urban Ladder products with details on exact delivery timelines. This helps us plan better and makes the process of project management and accessibility to good designs much easier,” said Meghna Srivastava, CEO of NewARCH Design Consultants, a Bangalore based architectural design firm.

“We see UL Co-lab as a driving force for co-creation of beautiful homes and distribution of our products. As we build a brand in home furnishing space, this programme will help us reach more customers through designers who play a pivotal influencer role in the customer’s home building process. The early results from the programme are positive and we are getting some great feedback from the design community. Having them in the process also helps us sharpen our product thinking through continuous feedback and market understanding from the interior designers. We look forward to working with more designers across the country, making more homes beautiful,” said Ashish Goel, CEO and Co-founder, Urban Ladder