Celebrate the Myriad volour of Love- AkzoNobel India

Dulux brings to you the most artistic ideas to paint your interiors with romance. To create a romantic atmosphere, you don’t need to resort to flowery prints and lacy fabrics. Instead, choose a subtle yet bold colour combination and pair it with soft, delicate fabrics – this will create a dreamy sanctuary that’s both elegant and modern.

 Red, the universal colour of romance

Emotions run high around red. Not only is it the colour of power, strength and energy, it’s also the colour of love. While muted shades of velvety red look fantastic in the bedroom, Scarlet’s Velvet or Old Glory are perfect for places where fervour and creativity overflows, such as in the kitchen or home office.


Embrace the pretty pink

Pink is essentially a light red and is usually associated with the qualities of caring, compassion and nurturing. From pale blush to the deepest magenta, pink is a versatile colour. For example, shocking pink, makes a great accent colour or feature wall in a living room.Shades of pink make a sophisticated combination when combined with black, gray or dark shades of blue. Keep pink fresh and clean by teaming it with plenty of white or create an urban feel by pairing your favourite pink hue with Tulle White. If you love being surrounded by vibrant colour, you could even go for a dramatic look by adding Venetian Turquoise, Crimson Red, Purple Fire or Warm Gold.

 Blue is the warmest colour

If you are planning to try something different and not too mainstream, Denim Drift is your answer. The colour of the year launched by Dulux perfectly captures the mood of the moment. Blue is timeless and versatile that takes on a different characteristic depending on the light, colour combination and situation. From the deepest ink blue which signifies deep feelings, to the palest misty blue. This new romanticism is about looking at things anew and reviving them using your imagination.


 Inputs by  Rajgopal, Director- Decorative Paints, AkzoNobel India


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