Designing Bedroom for the ultimate Siesta

A perfect sleep is a myth, says few but is it really true?

Snoozing off every night is not an activity or an impetus routine; it is an experience that needs to be created and garnered. Napping every night may seem a customary activity unless one fine night, you do not get one. Be it the insomniacs, the party animals, the depressed souls, people burning the midnight oil to study or complete pending office work, the night owls on a movie marathon; one night without a sound sleep leaves them with a boggled mind which in turn leads to low concentration, chronic health problems, hypertension and a rise in irrational behavior.Therefore, to nurture ourselves with good health, a relaxed mind and a peaceful living, it is important to have a good night sleep which indisputably calls for a sleep-friendly bedroom. So here are some amazing tips that will create a haven and ensure that you sleep well every night.


  1. A Bed of Roses – Yes, the mattress you sleep on ought to feel like the bed of roses, making it dreamy and taking you to the fairytale land. Soft, comfortable and palpable, it is important to pick the one that keeps your posture right, makes sleeping stress free and helps you wake up without a sore body
  1. The Softest Sheets – Picking up the right sheets which are infused in 100% cotton yarn can create a delightful sleeping experience. The linen material must be squashy, skin friendly, environmentally safe, sweat absorbing and let the skin breathe and relax at night. Designed with the finest materials that do not trap perspiration or moisture, these cotton beddings and accessories must be tested for hypoallergenic properties. Choosing bed sheets, quilts, duvet, comforters, bed covers, pillow cases and cushion covers in cotton is highly recommended especially during the hot and dry summer season
  1. The Soothing Hues – White and its shades of Cream, Off White, Ivory White, Ghost and Floral White look stunningly gorgeous. They are comforting, tender to the eyes and create an ambience of tranquility and supremacy. The crispy white which has for long been the symbol of royalty, also reflects dignity, is psyche soothing and spreads the elements of peace and cheerfulness
  1. The Fabric Fragrance – Soft furnishings play an important role in creating the perfect ambience for a sleep friendly bedroom. One must take care of its wash and maintenance while consistently focus on its aroma as well. Using perfumed, soft detergents along with essential oils like Lavender, Musk, Vanilla or Sandalwood leaves these softies with a tantalizing scent which is an instant mood lifter. Aroma therapy works best for any and every occasion and creates an amazing impression too
  1. The Wall of Textile – Here we are talking about curtains and drapes that are particularly important. While sleeping or even relaxing for that matter, a shield from the summer sun is imperative and unquestionable. Double layered cotton and silk curtains in pasty shades keep the rooms lull and create a serene environment, just right for the afternoon naps. Gaps between fabric hangings can flash the sunlight on the eyes which is not just infuriating but disturbs the sleeping pattern as well. So unlike Monsoons and Winter, summer requires thick end to end curtains that make the rooms gloomy and comfortable
  1. The Chilly Flooring – Wooden, Stone, Ceramic and Marble floor have the tendency to keep the ground cool which allows for amazing floor seating. Just spread a mattress with a crispy white bed sheet or lay on some supple quilts and mats for a pleasant tryst with siesta and relish the luxury of unruffled, unorganized and unhindered latent arrangement. Cushions, tube pillows and throws will add to the new setting, making to more relaxed and inviting.


A sleep-welcoming space is derived when one’s mind and soul is at peace. Essentially one needs to be poised to be able to derive pleasure out of simple routine life. Following a proper schedule is often considered the best way for balancing life and unwinding at the end of the day. Reading, exercising, eating suitably and keeping self hydrated are requisites and must be heeded to, before anything else. A pleasant room with perfect soft furnishings only adds to your everyday rendezvous with forty winks! Nothing can replace the experience of sleeping like baby and getting up all jovial and bubbly.

Inputs by Sonam Gupta, Design Head  ,Tangerine Design Studio ; built by colour lovers, storytellers, perfection obsessed quirky designers who aim to bring  fashion to our customers’ lifestyle through a whole new range of Home products thereby giving home a new style identity. Colour has always been the focal point for our collection. I am constantly in sync with the trends and forecast all over the world. The challenge is really to identify and modify the trends to make them suitable for our Indian customers


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