​Spring Frangance ​unveiled by Siddharth by MKC ​for ​an aromatic experience for your Home

To give your personal haven that magic in the air, Siddharth by MKC unveils an exclusive selection of luxury aroma diffusers which blend natural attars into modern handcrafted fragrances.

“Each fragrance is carefully crafted keeping in mind the discerning tastes and preferences of our elite consumers. From contemporary scents that exude power to a tantalizing jasmine ittar, each fragrance envelops your atmosphere in a refined aroma”, says Monika Kamal, Co-founder, Siddharth by MKC.

Oak to be changed1

We have carefully chosen our perfumers with an aim to promote the legacy of Indian fragrances. Our partner has been practicing the art for 65 years spanning four generations of master craftsmen. Having inherited the art of traditional attar manufacturing from their forefathers, the fragrances for Siddharth by MKC are unadulterated and alcohol-free to give you the purity you deserve.

The luxury aroma diffusers from Siddharth by MKC are available in seven different scents viz., Nectar, Carnal, Velvet, Ittar, Dew, Oak & Mist. Priced at Rs.1,100 for a bottle of 100ml, the fragrance should last you about 2 months. Meanwhile, the chic and charming packaging also makes these aroma diffusers, an ideal gifting solution.

“For us, it’s not just about crafting products that become your proud possessions. Siddharth by MKC is testing the boundaries of what a luxury brand can stand for. We envision superior quality products available at accessible prices all whilst giving back to our community”, adds Abhisheik Kamal, Co-founder, Siddharth by MKC.

More about Siddharth by MKC: Armed with over 20 years of experience in bespoke luxury interiors, designer Monika Kamal set out to innovate home furnishings that whisper “understated elegance”. The brand believes in smartly designed products that are stripped down of frivolous decoration.

Mist artwork

Most of the partners Siddharth by MKC works with are family businesses, that take pride in their tradition, craft and reputation. You can be sure that nothing short of the finest cotton is used for linen and the fragrances bring nature to their home.

To give honest pricing whilst maintaining our quality commitments and fair trade, we take advantage of technology, to remove unnecessary steps in getting the products to you. Our model is built to turn your house into a home as efficiently as possible.

Price: Rs.1,100 for a bottle of 100ml

Order Online : www.SiddharthByMKC.com

Details of a few scents:

OAK -Top notes: Orange

Heart notes: Oakmoss, rose

Base notes: Vetiver, patchouli

Olfactory family: Woody floral

Reminiscent of vintage wooden cabins, a woody oak is combined with aromatic wild vetiver

MIST -Top notes: Lemon, green leaves

Heart notes: Pepper, clove

Base notes: Aquatic, musk, guaiac wood

Olfactory family: Aquatic musky

Inspired by mist, the scent piques interest with freshness and spices. Understated and refreshing


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