‘Touch me not’ – says furniture to the rains !!

‘Touch me not’ – says furniture to the rains !!

                                 —- tips to keep your furniture safe this monsoon .

Who doesn’t enjoy having a sip from their cup of tea or a mug of coffee while enjoying the raindrops gliding through the window pain on a cool evening , but nobody enjoys their furniture being hit by those raindrops ! A furniture is a piece of house which makes it a home , and taking good care of it specially during monsoons is as important as taking care of your skin , hair and health during monsoons.

Tips shared by a wooden furniture expert, owner of East lifestyles , Bangalore , Mr. Kabir Bhasin , who says if you own a piece of furniture , make sure you don’t let it go to ruins.

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Tip 1 : Coat your garden and patio furniture with ‘outdoor grade polyurethane coating ‘ and if not, atleast get them coated with generous coating of wax to prevent chipping and wearing off the pain. And if nothing, atleast have the courtesy to cover those poor outside lying furniture with a thick plastic wrap .

Tip 2 : For the nature lovers, stack your wardrobes , cabinets , drawers with neem leaves or dried lavender , they help keep the pests away and also keeps the monsoon odour in clothes and shoes at bay !!

Tip 3 : Love your sofas and wardrobes stuck to the wall ? Well give them a little relief by pulling them atleast 6 inches away from the wall , to prevent moisture in the walls to affect them . As upholstery and wooden furniture tend to get affected by the moisture .

Tip 4 : It’s a myth that close the doors and windows during monsoons , well let the cool wind blow in , enjoy the breeze, just make sure rain doesn’t comes inside the room. Keeping the room well ventilated helps in drying out the moisture on wood faster .

Tip 5 : Have a furniture with cross sections and edges ? Well , they are the easiest targets for moisture. So before the monsoon, make sure you have coated them with lacquer or any other wooden furniture protective coating , you can find that in a local market at any furniture shop .

Tip 6 : Do not get into restoration work for your furniture during monsoons ! Save what you already have, unless it is an emergency situation and the furniture needs immediate help .

Tip 7 : And , remember to clean up the spills immediately , use blotting rather than the wiping method.

Inputs by  Mr. Kabir Bhasin , CEO, East lifestyles, Bangalore – who is a wooden furniture expert and a designer.  Co-founder of furlenco – the furniture rental business. 


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