Lladró Boutique in Gurugram Gets an International Look

Lladró, the internationally renowned Spanish porcelain brand today opened the doors of its newly revamped boutique in Gurugram at Ambience Mall. With a light, airy and welcoming space that reflects the brand’s essence, the new outlet joins the latest generation of Lladró stores in the world’s top destinations including New York, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Madrid, Cancun, Osaka, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dubai, among others.

The new store showcases the range of Lladró products, from its traditional, finely detailed figurines to its latest collection of contemporary decorative lighting.

Lladro Store - Ambience Mall Gurgaon

Speaking on the association, Mr. Nikhil Lamba, CEO, Lladro India said,” Lladro believes in exclusivity and innovation and newly revamped store inhibits both perfectly. The new boutique has been conceptualized on the line of our international stores. The new look and feel aesthetically complement our product offerings. We have also introduced new range of premium Chandeliers, Wall Lights and Table lamps to focus more on utility with luxury”.

With this new boutique, Asia is now one of the Spanish brand’s key focal points. These new boutiques are part of the brand’s expansion policy in place since 2012 when it opened a boutique at 500 Madison Avenue in New York —one of its international flagships— . Lladró spaces newly opened worldwide are added to its distribution network, which has nearly 1,000 outlets across five continents. A network that counts on the value of those many distributors that have supported the brand since the beginning.

A new concept boutique

The design of the new boutiques is driven by the Lladró family’s creative vision, which has always been central to the brand’s constant evolution. Its unique distinctive appearance, based primarily on the color white and curved lines, was conceived in conjunction with the Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, who has been collaborating with the brand for almost a decade now.

The interior design is inspired by the idea of a gallery or museum as the ideal place to exhibit the wealth of decorative art porcelain. Using an organic contemporary language, the store design seeks to offer the perfect frame for the whole breadth of the brand’s sculpture, regardless of kind, shape or color, while lending maximum visibility to the individual features of each piece. Here the different kinds and coloring do not compete with each other. Instead each one stands out within the space allotted to it. The simplicity of the display elements creates a platform where diversity does not produce confusion but offers each piece space to breath.


Shop no. G72,

Ground Floor, Ambience Mall,

Ambience Island, NH-8


Ph No: 0124-4665429/30


Nizam Collection ” Dining Solutions ” Address Home – Signature Lifestyle Brand

Ornate embellishments and intricate detailing of  Jewelry ( Mina ka kaam ) , on moulded  glass , on marble and on Apparels  have been integral to Indian culture and heritage, since time immemorial. So, when one mentions precious stones, gems and jewels, it will indeed be a travesty to not talk about the legacy of the Nizams of Hyderabad. The royalty here had the tradition of owning and appreciating fine ornamental assets.

The Regal palaces, the opulent textiles, the exquisite objects d’art and lifestyle of the Nizams have been translated into  other forms  that resonate with old world charm.

Sharing her thoughts on the Nizam collection Taruna , Founder and Creative Director  with Address Home , A Luxury Home decor Destination stop   ” Nizam Jewels  have been a trend for some time now. Interesting colour  combinations are capturing the eyes!

We in  Address Home , have recently explored yellows, greens and reds of  Nizam collection in our Dining Solutions specifically Luxury  Nizam Dinner Set. The forms evoke an era gone by, yet the quality, colours and Design on white background of a Plate or Side Plate   revive this era with a sense of freshness”.


The look of the collection is rich, royal and resplendent, specially created to reflect the age-old association of  Address Home with royalty and luxury.

The Nizam of Hyderabad’s fabled jewels, set in platinum, adorn this dinner service. High quality lustre coating shows off legendary strings of Basra pearls, amulets, waistbands, earrings and an array of other ornaments. For hostessing or hosting in diamonds and rubies.

– Indian inspiration
– Enamelled surface
– Inlay work floral pattern
– Rich gem colors
– Hand-painted gold Decal
– Quality lustre coating

The Nizam jewels provide inspiration  to designers and artists all over the world, but are also appreciated by members of the public. The Nizams’ jewels are arguably the greatest collection in existence said Taruna  , Founder and Creative Director  , Address Home …

When we conceptualized  Nizam Jewels for our dining solutions , only concern was how to preserve the richness and essence of  Nizam Jewels  “Each individual cutlery piece starts from a solid, flat, geometric base and is formed with a gradual and seamless depression that runs along the length of each piece. As a result, the matching curvature creates a natural stacking order that enable all pieces to align atop one another, while accentuating elegance and clean lines

“The whole collection is a direct reflection of the brand design ethos, so improving the ROYAL Dining  experience was at the forefront of our minds as we tackled the design,”

Mixing the traditional with the modern, Address Home  has something to satisfy everyone’s needs. Selling everything from bed sheets to tea sets and lamps,  Address Hone  is your one-stop-shop.


If your  style is relatively ‘out-of-the-box’ and offbeat, Address Home  is where you should go! With quirky Mirros  and pillows,  Address Home  adds a pop of flavour to your home. It is also widely known for it’s wide range of fabrics to grace your space. And if your dream house is one with bright, happy colours,  Address Home  is your genie in the lamp! Seriously, head in for a look-see and prepare to get dazzled …

Taruna, as a Founder who is also a Artist  quoted   ” A home should be so much more than just a dwelling. With this belief, Address Home  present the best in contemporary decor chic, created expertly as signature collections in limited numbers.  And curated too – with utmost selectivity. Our discerning eye distills the finest of collections from across the world in a stunning- and constantly updated – showcase.  are the epicentre of décor evolution, of left-of-center-stylish and all things irreverently luxurious ”

About Address Home

Address Home was launched in February, 2008 as a signature lifestyle and destination décor concept store.  Address Home is a constantly evolving endeavour, changing with the most forward international looks of the season. In six exciting, vibrant years, Address Home has grown from one to fifteen signature stores across the country. And has since acquired both a legendary following and formidable reputation in the world of high end home décor.



Foam Home launches Ergoshell Mattresses at Index Mumbai

Foam Home, one of the leading manufacturers of luxurious mattresses in India launched their patent technology mattress – Ergoshell at Index (International Interiors & Design Fair) which is happening from 8th to 11th June, 2017 at Mumbai. Index is a leading international trade fair which focuses on interiors, architecture, and design. Foam Home took the opportunity to launch their new Ergoshell technology at this exhibition.


The mattresses deliver a successful cushioning that the body requires.  It focuses on giving the customers a customized sleeping experience and ensures a perfect amalgamation between absolute softness and concrete hardness. The patent is provided by European Patent Office. The patent for Ergoshell technology is published in the International Patent and Trademark Directory (IP DIRECT).

Ms. Sabina Bhanpurawala, CEO, Foam Home says, “This is the perfect platform for us to launch the Ergoshell Technology. We see many Indian companies showcasing their originals at the show across various categories. It’s an honour to join them with a technology that makes India further proud.”

Mr. Prem Nath, from Prem Nath & Associates says, “Foam Home is an old experienced company providing comfort mattresses and now has come up with a patent technology of ERGOSHELL mattresses with dual layers cushioning system which is claimed to provide variable flexi support and overall body comfort. There seems a great future for such products in the Indian market of furnishing and home decor.”

About Foam Home:

Foam Home is a 40 year old company whose aim is to provide customers with in comfortable sleeping solutions. Foam Home has been manufacturing premium mattresses. Their engineered mattresses are a mixture of space technology, chemistry, and it also ensures that spine alignment and body weight distribution is proper so that the customers have a perfect sleeping experience.


It is the only company in India with a vast range and display. It houses Mattresses from High Density Polyurethane Foam, Latex, Memory Foam and Gel to the latest ERGOSHELL Mattress. Foam Home also houses sleep accessories such as duvets, pillows, covers, toppers, protectors that enhance your sleep experience. These are all as per Eurorpean standards that are manufactured for Europe, USA and India.


Baaya Design has launched the ‘Anantaya’ concept studio, Jaipur based décor brand in Mumbai. Anantaya Décor products will now be available exclusively at Baaya Design Store, Lower Parel. ‘Anantaya’ fuses the art of master artisans with the keen eye of award- winning designers. The final effect is a timeless masterpiece that beautifies any space it adorns. An institution of global repute, ‘Anantaya’ is committed to the development of ideas, and understands the importance of preservation of traditional crafts as well as the need to innovate. Using unusual yet traditional materials and processes, the designers present a fresh twist to design with an array of cutting edge artefacts, accessories, textiles, lighting solutions, furniture and many more utility products.

Representing Indian sensibilities in a contemporary context, ‘Anantaya’ products appeals to the discerning, quality conscious minds that like to make a statement. Working with crafts people and artisans from Rajasthan, ‘Anantaya’ supports local craft traditions and technologies by providing capital, technology and design and marketing interventions, which at the same time showcase the uniqueness of the state and its crafts people.

Rumi Hanging Mobile (1)lw
Lift Top Lau Diya Br Oil Lamps:

Lau, (the flame), a double walled oil lamp made in copper and brass by the Thathera artisans of Jaipur, is an exquisite utilitarian object. Designed by Ayush Kasliwal, the first version of this lamp is gilded with gold and silver leaf. This version of the Lau Diya is simplified with the top detachable. Lau Diya has been awarded with the UNESCO Seal of Excellence for its’ innovative sustainable design. Available in three sizes, it is to be lit using liquid paraffin lamp oil only such as Amaya Luminessences. Before lighting, ensure that the wick is trimmed and not more than 1 mm above the wickholder. It is natural for the products to have subtle variations from piece to piece. Due to the nature of the materials used, there may be some tarnishing or aging of the material. This is a natural process and may require you to clean or polish the material.

Trinetra 10 Set of 3

An elegant trio of hand-hammered brass bowls inspired by Shiva’s third eye of enlightenment are a modern twist to the Thathera craft of Jaipur. These appear like mystical eyes, with lit marble tea light holders- an “eyeball” reflecting Lord Shiva’s inner light and spirit. Use all three pods strung together with hanging rods, in multiples as an installation or use them individually as vases, bowls. Trinetra is the artistic vision of the designer Ayush Kasliwal, a visionary Indian industrial designer who is keeping the traditional skills of local craftsmen alive with the creation of modern objects having a global impact. It is the winner of the UNESCO Seal of Excellence.An elegant trio of hand-hammered brass bowls inspired by Shiva’s third eye of enlightenment, are a modern twist to the Thathera craft of Jaipur.

Crescent Thaali Set Full

The Crescent Thaali Set inspired by classic pearl earrings from Deccan is wonderfully versatile. Configured as a crescent moon nestling a full moon with a built in carrying handle, this set is a piece of art. Made of sturdy brass hand hammered by the Thathera metal artisans, with traditional ‘kalai’ hand-tinning for food safety, this thaali set will serve directly from the kitchen, become an intriguing welcoming tray, or a presentation of delectable appetizers for your guests.


Shiva Jug

Shiva, the Auspicious One, has the water of the Ganges flowing from his dreadlocks. And so, healthful water will flow from this brilliantly designed handmade copper pitcher with an elegant balanced lid. Like the ‘Khamandalam’ a Yogi’s copperAyurveda water vessel, copper has healing properties contributing to longevity and restorative health. To complete this experience, an elegant copper tray is paired with copper glasses offset from their round bases to hug the form of the Shiva Jug. To clean, scrub with sponge and liquid detergent

Kalam Table- Maharaja

Kalam or pen is one of the tools used by the miniature painter who decorated this multifunctional reinterpretation of the wooden lacquer trays used in traditional Indian kitchens. In this painted table tray a Bhisthi is watering the garden while the Maharaja and his advisor look on. This example of functional art can be detached and used as a colorful food safe tray to present guests with dry delicacies. The table collapses for easy transport across the globe.

Rumi Tea Light holder

Like the Sufi whirling dervishes.. the Rumi range is remniscent of the inner light and spiritual oneness…12 varieties of designs span the arches and motifs across the silk route. Can hold tealight candles too.