Foam Home launches Ergoshell Mattresses at Index Mumbai

Foam Home, one of the leading manufacturers of luxurious mattresses in India launched their patent technology mattress – Ergoshell at Index (International Interiors & Design Fair) which is happening from 8th to 11th June, 2017 at Mumbai. Index is a leading international trade fair which focuses on interiors, architecture, and design. Foam Home took the opportunity to launch their new Ergoshell technology at this exhibition.


The mattresses deliver a successful cushioning that the body requires.  It focuses on giving the customers a customized sleeping experience and ensures a perfect amalgamation between absolute softness and concrete hardness. The patent is provided by European Patent Office. The patent for Ergoshell technology is published in the International Patent and Trademark Directory (IP DIRECT).

Ms. Sabina Bhanpurawala, CEO, Foam Home says, “This is the perfect platform for us to launch the Ergoshell Technology. We see many Indian companies showcasing their originals at the show across various categories. It’s an honour to join them with a technology that makes India further proud.”

Mr. Prem Nath, from Prem Nath & Associates says, “Foam Home is an old experienced company providing comfort mattresses and now has come up with a patent technology of ERGOSHELL mattresses with dual layers cushioning system which is claimed to provide variable flexi support and overall body comfort. There seems a great future for such products in the Indian market of furnishing and home decor.”

About Foam Home:

Foam Home is a 40 year old company whose aim is to provide customers with in comfortable sleeping solutions. Foam Home has been manufacturing premium mattresses. Their engineered mattresses are a mixture of space technology, chemistry, and it also ensures that spine alignment and body weight distribution is proper so that the customers have a perfect sleeping experience.


It is the only company in India with a vast range and display. It houses Mattresses from High Density Polyurethane Foam, Latex, Memory Foam and Gel to the latest ERGOSHELL Mattress. Foam Home also houses sleep accessories such as duvets, pillows, covers, toppers, protectors that enhance your sleep experience. These are all as per Eurorpean standards that are manufactured for Europe, USA and India.


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