Hermle Clocks been launched in India

Iconic German clock-maker Hermle launched its products in India targeted at a niche market.

The company’s brand of table clocks, mantle pieces, wall clocks, grandfather clocks and Tellurium evoke nostalgia of inheritance even as it aims to capture attention from a small but growing interest of upwardly mobile professionals.

Jens Quaeck, International Sales Director for Uhrenmanufaktur GmbH & Co KG, Frankfurt, launched the clocks in India which he says is an evolving market for luxury goods. Hermle will distribute the range here along Skylarkk Trading Co.


In this digital age, Hermle, means precision German engineering and all the clocks are hand-crafted. “The clocks and clock movements are our main business and we are excited to be in India. We expect good numbers here as there is a renewed interest in clocks of all kinds. It is not just as a gift, but also to adorn living rooms, office spaces and gives meaning to blank walls,” says Quaeck, who is incidentally a third generation family member.

The 96-year-old company was started by his grandfather Franz Hermle.

“Each of these pieces start with a price range of Rs 20,000 and go on to about Rs 2 lakh apiece. There are some clocks such as the Tellurium which can go upto Rs 20 lakh depending on its size and what adorns it,” says Sanjay B. Hasija from Skylarkk Trading Co, a Bengaluru-based company.

Quaeck says the durability and quality of German engineering lasts for generations. “Though the world has moved on to the digital age, at Hermle, innovation has been the key and a constant process.”

Hermle will soon be available at very few retailers across India and the company’s main focus would be to work with architects, interior designers and the luxury goods industry. It wants to position the product range as an aspirational one for modern day connoisseurs for whom taste is well defined.


Brand Profile

Introducing Hermle Uhrenmanufaktur, the German clock maker with a heart that ensured the clock overtook the digital age to gain a firm place in our lives. Established in 1922, the company caters to an elite niche market with an appreciation for mechanised clockwork.

Hermle, primarily produces mechanised clocks in different varieties. The Tellurium piece is an unusual model that displays not only an elegant clock face but marks the lunar and astrological phases with models of the moon, sun and earth at the apex of the clock.

For those with more traditional inclinations, there is an entire range of tall pendulum cable-driven pieces that ooze class with a minimalistic design inspired by high-society elements.

On the more modern end of the spectrum, table clocks find themselves sporting a futuristic cube. Take for instance, the polished, nickel-plated Hermle Westminster model. The main mechanism’s movement is supported by heavy pillars mounted on a black piano finish wood base. The silver plated dial, decorated with a low-key rhombus pattern and the hand-made glass combine to highlight the outstanding quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of this masterpiece.

Whether your taste lies on the cusp of the conventional or the futuristic, Hermle has an offering ideal for your tastes. The flawless craftsmanship is borne of decades of expertise and love for the craft with innovation found in every screw of a single clock.

Place a quirky timepiece on your bedside to brighten your room, enhance your study with a clock inspired by old lanterns or adorn your walls with timeless HermleUhrenmanufaktur creations. High-quality clocks to complete your high-class home or office.

Hermle is available in India through online – www.hermleclocks.in and soon will be available in all the showrooms in all major metros. For enquiries, speak to Sanjay B Hasija – +91 93412 29992


Stunning Styling Tips for a Living Room with a Statement Sofa

A statement sofa is a smart piece of furniture in a living room that can be functional at so many levels. Not only does it become a focal point for a living room but it also provides options to inject character and drama around your sitting room design. We’re here to share with you some amazing living room ideas to style around your statement sofa. So let’s get going!


Your Sofa Needs To Be In Bold Colours! 

Bold is in. Make sure that your sofa stands out in your living room layout and the wall decor in its background. The whole idea of creating a statement sofa is to use bold colours, brighter texture, and vibrant fabric. So make sure your statement sofa is eye catchy and the colour pops up more because of the living room colours and complimentary decor items like a rug or coffee table.

Light It Up

The mood in your room could be anything from bold to eclectic but what adds essence and vibe to your sofa is ceiling lights. You could hang a bouquet of filament lights right above your statement sofa or even a chandelier to add sophistication. Ceiling lights too can do magic to your statement sofa! Lights create a calming rather than chaotic effect and allow the sofa to be the star of your room design!

Breathe Some Art

Art is undoubtedly the most glamorous element to living room wall decor. Being too matchy-matchy to complement the colours of your statement sofa can be too boring but if the art frame behind your sofa has shades of the colour it can intensify in the best possible way. Needless to say, painting frames in contrasting colours can also help strike up a balance.

That Coffee Table Oh-So-Wow!

A coffee table to a sofa is a match made in heaven! There’s no way you ignore it. With a statement sofa in your living room decor, the coffee table needs to appeal the visual statement of your sofa. It has to be an awe-worthy sight to behold! If, say, the colour of your sofa is green complement it with a black coffee table. Or if your statement sofa is a radiant hue, style it up with a wooden coffee table.


Strike the Right Balance

Daring colours can be gorgeous but they often end up becoming over-dramatic and too bold for living room design. So it is essential to know how to balance the style in your living room even when you are going wild with colours and patterns. For instance, if your statement sofa is in fuchsia, complement it with a lightly patterned rug or fewer decor items around it to strike the right balance.

Whether you’re the kinds who like elegant home decor ideas or traditional home decor ideas, step out of your comfort zone and try one of these trending statement sofa tricks to give your living room that wow-factor. Let your sofa take the center stage and talk about your fine taste in home decor.


Inputs from Ravnit Kaur Sharma, Interior Designer at UrbanClap


Its Better to Light One candle than Curse the Darkness

The festival of lights, Diwali is just around the corner, and it’s about time to get into the mood for preparing the house for this festive season. One of the best things about festivities is actually the anticipation, excitement, and the preparation that goes with it. Decorating the house for Diwali is a family affair which brings everyone together in good spirits to start energizing the house with positive vibes. So let’s start getting excited from the anticipation of celebrating this wonderful festival of lights called Diwali by finding ideas and inspiration to decorate the house.



Try new Home furnishing items such as bed sheets, new pillows, furniture coverings, floor carpets and curtains around the home to bring a new life in your home. If your bedroom lacks brightness and you do not have time to get it repainted before Diwali, , throw in someBright colour cushions , wrap a cotton decorative Curtains  the room will look different and brighter without much time spent which are rustic in colors of Rust and Beige … It gives a more Festive look with tinge of Glam and shimmer . Any thing which is bright and gives a lighted up feeling , is the True Tone of Diwali for Homes .

According to Ms. Taruna Singhi , founder of Address Home – Diwali is time and Celebration of Light and  Positivity … The Diwali brings in Prosperity in Home … We should decorate the house in such a way that Positivity runs in house the whole year … Bright Colors like Rust / Gold / Red bring in exuberance in mood … Celebration of thought.



Give your interiors a new look by repositioning the furniture. Torans are a popular decor accessory for Diwali. These hangings can be used to decorate entrance door, arches and mandirs. Torans embellished with mirrors and bells hanging at the house entrance welcome guests. Bells can be creative by using conventional and unconventional bells and diyas to decorate one corner of the house. An assortment of bells and diyas of different sizes hung and placed at different heights will give the room an interesting effect.


If you are not big on making many small changes but still want to create an impressive Diwali look then you need to buy a statement piece for your house from Address Home . Keep it in the entryway or the living room where it will garner the maximum eyeballs. Keeping with the Diwali theme you can buy an ethnic accent piece or buy an artifact which will complement your wall colors.

Festival of light like Diwali  cannot be complete without Diyas or Candles. On a shelf, or behind a furniture, place candles and then cover them with colored glass. Make sure the dispersed light falls onto a wall. The effect would be similar to a shimmering rainbow. Take care that there is no inflammables around the candle, and place the candles on ceramic plates/bowls to avoid the wax spilling. The effect can be multiplied if you place some diamond cut glass crystals strategically.

Diwali, for me is a beautiful festival where Heart follow the customs and traditions handed down through the generations like spring cleaning  home to sparkling and decorating with rangolis, floating candles, and flowers, bright colors, and lights. More than anything else, its a celebration of families and friends coming together

ATTUNE – Designer Inspired HOME Décor & Accessories Store

ATTUNE, the multi designer home décor, art, lifestyle and accessories store recently opened its doors at Delhi’s most sought after marketplace.

The thought behind Attune is to provide young designers a space where they are able to create, sell and earn name and fame they aspire for and well deserve.

_MPA0635 (1) - Copy

While talent will create, ATTUNE will ensure publicity for these designers with a hope that soon these designers would be so recognized and so wanted that they will launch off their own and make way at ATTUNE for new young designers.

Visibility in the best market of the capital, will give these young people a push as no place else can. This will be Attune’s way of helping develop world class design and promote the idea of ‘’make in India’’ as opposed to import design from abroad.

Customers at Attune will benefit from the ever changing eclectic collection on display by the group of designers to enhance their homes. Another advantage to the customers at Attune will be the services they can enjoy of the designers to custom create artefacts for their homes.

While Attune is not a charitable venture, it is also not a hard core business outfit with an eye on profit. Growth of designers and evolution of design is of paramount importance.


Attune is the brain child of Poonam Bahl and Neeta Chait.

Poonam Bahl is a well-known name in the interior business market running ‘Mauve and Pink’ since 1983. Neeta Chait comes from a strong Army background and has been extensively associated with NGOs at a very large scale for almost 10 years.

The conventional design field where young designers are often prohibited, Attune is an eco-system and Launchpad for aspiring minds.

RAM DARBAR’ – Lladró’s Festive Special Collection for Dussehra

As the festive season is around the corner, celebration is at all time high with ongoing and upcoming festivals like Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali. Dussehra signifies the triumph of good over evil and brings auspiciousness in the grandest of manners. Celebrating this spirit of festivities, Lladró, the world famous Spanish brand known for its high quality porcelain sculptures presents its exclusive festive special ‘Ram Darbar’ for Dussehra.

Ram Darbar comprises of four basic characters namely Lord Rama, Deity Sita, Lord Lakshman and Lord Hanuman in the cultural consciousness of India which represent the ideal of the happy family. The meticulous ornamentation helps to enhance the rich costumes, necklaces, bracelets, the helmets and also the bow, which is a work of true craftsmanship.


Rama and Lakshman are shown with their most outstanding attributes, helmet, bow and arrows. The bow (dhanush) and arrows (shara) convey an idea of precision from a distance, of power and divine energy. The conic gold helmet signals their royalty and spiritual power. Sita is shown in pink saree with gold work on the border and heavy gold jewellery, which clearly showcases her beauty and elegance. Hanuman has also been depicted with a helmet as corresponds to his divine origin and in a posture of worshipping Rama.

The typical red and blue colours from Hindu iconography ,with very complex decoration due to the use of liquid colors and various different enamels have been used to bring the sculptures to life. Special attention went into achieving the facial expressions which faithfully reproduce the spirit of the traditional illustrations of these deities. As in the case of Rama, the bow is being modelled by Lladró and reproduced in gilded brass by a goldsmith.

Consumers can also buy Lladró products online on – www.lladro.com


Ram Darbar – INR 9,25,000


Lladró, the artistic porcelain firm of the 21st century

For more than 60 years, Lladró has cultivated their expertise for creating porcelain in their only factory in the world in Valencia. Sculptors and craftsmen delicately design each piece through a craft process that combines ancestral techniques with their own distinctive palette of colours.

Lladró also explores the enormous creative potential of this noble material through collaborations with prestigious designers and contemporary artists. Sculptures, lighting, household objects, proposals for interior design and fashion accessories make up the universe of the firm. With a reputation all over the globe, Lladró is Spain’s ambassador to more than 100 countries where it exports its porcelain through a select network of boutiques and distributors.

Lilac Grey Collection is a Rendition of French Renaissance – Taruna Singhi , Address Home

Autumn is the Beautiful second spring where Every Leaf  is Flower

As a reflection of the luminosity and extravagance of Winter ,  Ranging from ornate and eccentric to subtle and classy, the fabrics of Address Home  latest Lilac Collection express the very roots of the luxury . Exuding textures of grace and delicacy, Lilac Grey collection epitomizes poise and perfection through its royal aesthetic. Accented with a light glaze, the fabrics of this collection expose a subtle silvery sheen. This lustrous coat juxtaposes the underlying tones of Lilac and silver to produce amalgamated imageries of line work and textures.

Lilac & Grey has the right tone of world class sophistication. The collection retains a certain versatility of colour and form. Rendered with tones of expressive pastel greys, these fabrics are accentuated with an underlying gleam. Decorative in a tasteful way, the facades of these draperies project everything from modern geometries to natural, floral imageries .

The entire range of colors are muted, shades of lilac and grape merge beautifully with warm beige greys.  The patterns are a mix of contemporary floral vines and selective geometry and some with abstract indigenous influence. Highlighted with intricacy and elegance,  ADDress Home Lilac Grey Collection is contemporary rendition of  Designs  of the French Renaissance . Scattered with  embroideries , these fabrics fuse tradition with current style trends. Crafted artfully with sophistication,  collection showcases textures of luxuriant richness.

bed shot1

Exuding neutrality and calmness unfurls in contrast to most of the other collections by Address Home. Reflecting the misty stillness , this collection aims to facilitate a connect with Early Autumn. Tinted with Lilac , the tones of this collection reflect the tranquillity of Fall ( Autumn ). Swollen with subtle, floral line work against Silver Grey backdrops, these fabrics transform areas into enriching spaces .


The surface techniques are thread based except for a few stunningly sequined show-stoppers.  With  lattice screen patterns  –  perfectly-laid geometry  in its most exotic representation, Lilac & Grey will steal the heart for the season. The richness of texture is brought out with the mix of velvets with a touch of Royal Silk .


Celebrating the sophistication of contemporary styles and the beauty of craftsmanship, Address Home Lilac Grey  Collection is an artful reflection of refined and tasteful design. Synthesized with premium quality textiles and aesthetic sensibilities, this collection can transform your décor from simple and stylish, to luscious and chic erene spaces.

Ms. Taruna Singhi’s  founder , Address Home – “The Lilac & Grey collection is very fashion forward with Design and Color inspirations taken from French Renaissance   The color are perfect for this Fall as it gets Tempered with greys which resembles the mistiness of the Fall and gives a sense of emergence of  Warm Winters “




BoConcept – Introducing Catalogue 2017/2018

BoConcept, Danish designer interior retail brand, has introduced new products to their collection along with their new catalogue this month. The Aarhus Dining Chair, Adelaide Living Collection, Vancouver Dining Table, Billund Table and Nora Dinnerware are additions to the 2017-218 BoConcept catalogue.

“Over the years BoConcept has constantly evolved with its offerings to its customers adding new product lines to the various spheres of a home. The new launches for the year include varied products with design and functionality at its core in our dining and living collections. We are very excited to enter a new product line with our Nora dinnerware which carries the distinctive design sensibilities to support our two styles – Metropolitan and Scandinavian”, says Mr. Navin Khana, Director, BoConcept India

Adelaide Living Collection – “The Adelaide expands into a complete collection in celebration of BoConcept’s 65th anniversary”

BoConcept is expanding the successful Danish-designed Adelaide dining chair into a complete collection for 2017. Designer Henrik Pedersen shares his thoughts on how the collection came about and what’s at its core. To mark the 65th anniversary of the company, BoConcept is introducing a stylish new collection of furniture inspired by the Adelaide dining chair. The collection extends the Adelaide’s Nordic expression of simplicity into other rooms throughout the home with a sofa, a living chair, a coffee table and a barstool.

Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset

“We have transferred the Adelaide dining chair’s simple lines and shapes to the entire Adelaide collection. Its design is quietly confident. It’s easy on the eye and has a natural form and expression. The Adelaide looks like something that is nice to sit in – and that is one of the most important parameters of an international design success” says BoConcept designer Henrik Pedersen.

Since its introduction, the Adelaide dining chair has been one of BoConcept’s signature products, taking classic Danish design heritage and mixing it with a modern Scandinavian twist.“All Adelaide furniture can be mixed and matched, so anyone can create their own expression. You can match your personal style by choosing a soft, chunky sofa or a stylish and refined version of the classic felt” says Henrik Pedersen.

Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset

With its characteristic wings, the new Adelaide sofa is available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers. When covered in dark leather or heavy fabrics the sofa has a modern, softer lounge look. The same also applies to the new Adelaide living chair, where besides countless colours and materials, you can also choose from either fixed legs or a centre pin with swivel.The new Adelaide coffee table is both simple and classic in oak or espresso oak versions. Much like the new Adelaide barstool, which is also a natural extension of the dining chair. “The Adelaide barstool matches the variety of seating needs in a modern kitchen. Here you can sit comfortably and stylishly at the higher kitchen table” says Henrik Pedersen.

All the elements in the new Adelaide collection live up to BoConcept’s long-standing commitment to quality, comfort and customisation.

Nora – Dinnerware Collection

Nora dinnerware will be available in two colors; grey and white to cover as widely as possible and support our two styles, Metropolitan and Scandinavian. The grey product selection lets us create a more rustic yet elegant look, whereas the white product selection underlines the Nordic simplicity that appears in the design.

Nora dinnerware by BoConcept (2)

Nora dinnerware is introduced as an Essential Collection item. A timeless yet contemporary design with multiple colour choices and combination possibilities. To catch the consumer’s attention, we have developed a small edition in the same style but with a pattern. The patterned additions will add a personal touch to the dinnerware and create a more interesting look. We offer a gift box with 6 cups, a gift box with 6 plates and a gift box with 4 small bowls in the different patterns. The boxes will be introduced as a limited edition. In the future we might add new editions if we see the need to adapt colours, patterns or materials.

Vancouver Dining Table – “Who says a Dining Table has to be boring?”

With its warm, yet industrial expression, the new Vancouver dining table mixes materials to blend effortlessly into today’s design trends. Vancouver is the newest design in BoConcept’s popular range of dining tables. This angular, minimalistic dining table is comprised of a two-piece top with plank-cut oak or walnut look. The new veneer adds a more natural look and invokes the feeling of sitting at a long, planked table. The table measures 110×240 without extension.

To complete the industrial look, the legs are available in three options: Anthracite metal, white metal, or concrete. The metal legs are sturdy, yet slim. Balancing the heaviness of the table’s look with lightweight support. The concrete legs, which will be available soon, add to the robust feeling of the table top and create an almost monumental expression that is sure to deliver impact in any dining room.

For larger arrangements, an extension can be added to the Vancouver – adding 50cm of additional seating space on each end. Taking the table from 240cm to 340cm and creating room for four extra guests.

Billund Table – “Designed to get the most out of small spaces”

As cities around the world get larger and larger, so does the need for flexible furniture that can adapt to our changing lives.Smaller spaces need smarter furniture that can be used for a variety of occasions. BoConcept’s new Billund table is designed to be flexible and functional – without compromising on quality. It can be used as a dining table for get-togethers, or as a console table or smaller dining table for one or two people.

Billund’s innovative ‘flip-top’ is designed to let the table be folded and pushed against a wall when not in use or when extra space is not needed. This works great as a two-person dining table or small console table. When a larger table top is needed, simply unfold the leg and move the table into place. This smart design gives Billund limitless opportunities in today’s smaller spaces and instantly adds room for up to five people around the table.

Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset Roomset

The table top is available in white laminate or oak veneer, and the high-quality legs are made from sturdy metal with solid oak feet. The blend of materials provides an elegant, Scandinavian expression that is worthy of the name Billund.

Aarhus Dining chair – “A dining chair should look beautiful from every angle”

The new Aarhus dining chair from BoConcept is made from wood and features intricate joinery details that add an element of sculptural beauty while ensuring a high level of comfort. It tickles the senses in several ways. Made from beautiful moulded wood, the chair comes in both walnut and oak variants.

“Wood is an honest material” says furniture designer Henrik Pedersen, who has designed the Aarhus chair for BoConcept. “It’s a classic material that gives furniture a pure and authentic feel. In addition, wood is a warm material which, with either leather or luxury felt, provides an extremely high level of seating comfort.”

When designing the chair, Henrik Pedersen played extensively with the look. On the back of the chair, a slender tongue elegantly connects the seat and backrest. This expertly executed joinery detail provides strength and adds an element of design to the rear of the chair.

“In my world, a dining chair should look good from every angle. Most of the time you look at the chair from behind when it is pushed in under the dining table. It’s in this context that the detailing on the back makes a lot of sense. In addition, the design helps to improve the chair’s sitting comfort, while the sculptural look piques your curiosity – and makes you want to touch and feel the chair” says Henrik Pedersen.

With its international and timeless look, the Aarhus dining chair exudes a simple Scandinavian style, while having a modern, softer ‘retro deco’ look.