Ashiesh Shah for Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder and Ashiesh Shah have many reasons to rejoice today, and so do fans of both!

Urban Ladder today announced its partnership with award-winning Architect and Interior Designer, Ashiesh Shah. This announcement makes Urban Ladder the first Indian furniture brand to collaborate with an influencer like Ashiesh to design exquisite furniture for Indian homes.

Ashiesh will launch four collections for Urban Ladder through the next one year. Each collection will explore a different design style demonstrating and addressing what India needs in terms of design. The idea is to create a strong edit, use local materials like teak wood and cane and explore some of our local fabric dying techniques and combine them with a more contemporary aesthetic. Apart from the basic’s like chairs, tables, sofa’s, Ashiesh will bring in some more unconventional pieces of design that he believes should be made available in India, all at an affordable price. This first collection will be launched in October 2017.

Ashiesh, an astute collector of contemporary art from the Indian Sub-continent has designed spaces which juxtapose objects from vastly different eras and cultures. This makes a compelling and impressive statement on his design taste. “Design in India has become a celebration of what one sees currently around in Indian homes, offices and community spaces. The aesthetic has a strong sense of connectedness to whom we are, where we belong and what inspires us. And that, for me is the crux of the new Indian aesthetic. These four collections will delve deep and mirror the changing Indian culture contextualised to complement our modern living spaces. I am delighted to partner with Urban Ladder and believe this is fantastic opportunity to lend my aesthetic and my practice to a larger audience.” Said Ashiesh Shah, award-winning architect and interior designer.


Urban Ladder is a definite leader of furniture design in India. Known for its clean, straight and simplistic furniture using modern materials, this collaboration reinforces the brands focus on design. “An economically assertive India has reinforced pride and confidence in demand for things India.  The globally travelled and upwardly mobile consumer wants spaces that demonstrate sophistication and individuality. I believe this collaboration is an epoch in our journey creating new design references for the world.”  Said Ashish Goel, CEO and Co-founder Urban Ladder. 

Ashiesh Shah’s thoughts about the collaboration:

1.     What is your view on the furniture market in India:

The furniture market in India is definitely evolving with both online and offline players. India’s design boom really started in the early 2000’s. Awareness is key, and I think this was the point where we really started to look at design with the help of the internet, magazines, online resources etc. Education in design is another factor. There’s a generation of young designers that are now actively contributing to the design market and really pushing the boundaries and experimenting with techniques and materials.

2) What does this collaboration mean to you?

I hope this collaboration demonstrates what India needs in terms of design. We want to research what’s missing in the market, what the Indian buyer is responding to and how to fill this gap. More than anything though, I hope that through this collaboration we can make design accessible to a larger audience at an affordable price. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to lend my aesthetic and my practice to a larger audience.

3) What are the type of products you will design?

Apart from the basic’s like chairs, tables, sofa’s etc- I’m hoping to bring in some more unconventional pieces of design that aren’t easily available here. I’m also very keen to design some pieces of lighting.

4) What’s your vision for this collection?

We’ll be working on 4 collections with urban ladder and through these we want to explore different design styles and bring them to our audience at an affordable price. The idea is to create a really strong edit, use local materials like teak wood and cane and explore some of our local fabric dying techniques and combine them with a more contemporary aesthetic.

5) Do you think you will make it to the average Indian home?

I really do hope so! We get so many inquires every day where people ask for tips on how to bring a little bit of our practice into their homes- I try to answer these through my articles. I regularly contribute to several design publications and newspapers where I write predominately about design. So far these have been received very well and I’m hoping that this collaboration is as well.

​Spring Frangance ​unveiled by Siddharth by MKC ​for ​an aromatic experience for your Home

To give your personal haven that magic in the air, Siddharth by MKC unveils an exclusive selection of luxury aroma diffusers which blend natural attars into modern handcrafted fragrances.

“Each fragrance is carefully crafted keeping in mind the discerning tastes and preferences of our elite consumers. From contemporary scents that exude power to a tantalizing jasmine ittar, each fragrance envelops your atmosphere in a refined aroma”, says Monika Kamal, Co-founder, Siddharth by MKC.

Oak to be changed1

We have carefully chosen our perfumers with an aim to promote the legacy of Indian fragrances. Our partner has been practicing the art for 65 years spanning four generations of master craftsmen. Having inherited the art of traditional attar manufacturing from their forefathers, the fragrances for Siddharth by MKC are unadulterated and alcohol-free to give you the purity you deserve.

The luxury aroma diffusers from Siddharth by MKC are available in seven different scents viz., Nectar, Carnal, Velvet, Ittar, Dew, Oak & Mist. Priced at Rs.1,100 for a bottle of 100ml, the fragrance should last you about 2 months. Meanwhile, the chic and charming packaging also makes these aroma diffusers, an ideal gifting solution.

“For us, it’s not just about crafting products that become your proud possessions. Siddharth by MKC is testing the boundaries of what a luxury brand can stand for. We envision superior quality products available at accessible prices all whilst giving back to our community”, adds Abhisheik Kamal, Co-founder, Siddharth by MKC.

More about Siddharth by MKC: Armed with over 20 years of experience in bespoke luxury interiors, designer Monika Kamal set out to innovate home furnishings that whisper “understated elegance”. The brand believes in smartly designed products that are stripped down of frivolous decoration.

Mist artwork

Most of the partners Siddharth by MKC works with are family businesses, that take pride in their tradition, craft and reputation. You can be sure that nothing short of the finest cotton is used for linen and the fragrances bring nature to their home.

To give honest pricing whilst maintaining our quality commitments and fair trade, we take advantage of technology, to remove unnecessary steps in getting the products to you. Our model is built to turn your house into a home as efficiently as possible.

Price: Rs.1,100 for a bottle of 100ml

Order Online :

Details of a few scents:

OAK -Top notes: Orange

Heart notes: Oakmoss, rose

Base notes: Vetiver, patchouli

Olfactory family: Woody floral

Reminiscent of vintage wooden cabins, a woody oak is combined with aromatic wild vetiver

MIST -Top notes: Lemon, green leaves

Heart notes: Pepper, clove

Base notes: Aquatic, musk, guaiac wood

Olfactory family: Aquatic musky

Inspired by mist, the scent piques interest with freshness and spices. Understated and refreshing


Sleepless nights, tossing, turning and exhausted mornings — we all know the feeling. But did you know that sleeping on the right mattress can help alleviate these problems and remind you what it feels like to be rested?


Foam Home, one of India’s largest and most innovative mattresses manufacturer presents their very latest and advanced technology in mattresses,  Ergoshell Technology . Mattresses  are all set to become an object which will soon be desired by everyone, for fulfilling their dreamy nights sleep. . The latest ERGOSHELL technology (Patented in Australia) is made using Dense mattress shells which are embedded with 42 blocks based on pressure mapping devices to ensure precise support of the lumbar and shoulder areas. This is a range of Orthopedic mattresses that wont compromise on comfort. They are supportive yet plush.  It could have never been thought, that health and luxury would be available in a single package, unless Foam Home came up with their new range of mattresses to give the populace living an extremely busy life a haven which they truly desire. 

Home foam-018982 - Copy

Foam Homes revolutionary new Body Sensor mattresses are made from a visco- elastic temperature- sensitive memory foam. This material was first developed by NASA in the 1970’s. Memory foam quickly moved into the medical field, and then into bedrooms.
It is available in Soft / Medium /Firm.

Home foam 3-019059 - Copy

High density  Foam mattress  is a  combinations of various compressions of Foams. The foam manufactured is made of 100% pure polyurethane foam. There are 0% fillers. This ensures a longer durability and a completely different feel as compared to commercial quality foams. The mattress is further quilted on both sides by Anti-Allergic cotton cover imported from Belgium. This also makes it a reversible mattress with One side firm and the other relatively softer.
It is available in Soft / Medium /Firm

About Foam Home

Foam Home is a Family owned Business started by Mr. Huseni Bhanpurawala in the year 1977. In its 30 year journey Foam Home has earned the reputation of a leading store into mattresses and bedding. The company started with one showroom and today runs 4. Its service and product quality has allowed it to build long term relationships with its customers. Once a customer steps into Foam Home he will not consider going anywhere else. Foam home possesses a product range like nowhere else. It is a one of a kind store, a specialty store in mattresses. The stores are designed in a way where the customers could come in as a family and comfortably try out mattresses like they would in the comforts of their own home.

Designing Bedroom for the ultimate Siesta

A perfect sleep is a myth, says few but is it really true?

Snoozing off every night is not an activity or an impetus routine; it is an experience that needs to be created and garnered. Napping every night may seem a customary activity unless one fine night, you do not get one. Be it the insomniacs, the party animals, the depressed souls, people burning the midnight oil to study or complete pending office work, the night owls on a movie marathon; one night without a sound sleep leaves them with a boggled mind which in turn leads to low concentration, chronic health problems, hypertension and a rise in irrational behavior.Therefore, to nurture ourselves with good health, a relaxed mind and a peaceful living, it is important to have a good night sleep which indisputably calls for a sleep-friendly bedroom. So here are some amazing tips that will create a haven and ensure that you sleep well every night.


  1. A Bed of Roses – Yes, the mattress you sleep on ought to feel like the bed of roses, making it dreamy and taking you to the fairytale land. Soft, comfortable and palpable, it is important to pick the one that keeps your posture right, makes sleeping stress free and helps you wake up without a sore body
  1. The Softest Sheets – Picking up the right sheets which are infused in 100% cotton yarn can create a delightful sleeping experience. The linen material must be squashy, skin friendly, environmentally safe, sweat absorbing and let the skin breathe and relax at night. Designed with the finest materials that do not trap perspiration or moisture, these cotton beddings and accessories must be tested for hypoallergenic properties. Choosing bed sheets, quilts, duvet, comforters, bed covers, pillow cases and cushion covers in cotton is highly recommended especially during the hot and dry summer season
  1. The Soothing Hues – White and its shades of Cream, Off White, Ivory White, Ghost and Floral White look stunningly gorgeous. They are comforting, tender to the eyes and create an ambience of tranquility and supremacy. The crispy white which has for long been the symbol of royalty, also reflects dignity, is psyche soothing and spreads the elements of peace and cheerfulness
  1. The Fabric Fragrance – Soft furnishings play an important role in creating the perfect ambience for a sleep friendly bedroom. One must take care of its wash and maintenance while consistently focus on its aroma as well. Using perfumed, soft detergents along with essential oils like Lavender, Musk, Vanilla or Sandalwood leaves these softies with a tantalizing scent which is an instant mood lifter. Aroma therapy works best for any and every occasion and creates an amazing impression too
  1. The Wall of Textile – Here we are talking about curtains and drapes that are particularly important. While sleeping or even relaxing for that matter, a shield from the summer sun is imperative and unquestionable. Double layered cotton and silk curtains in pasty shades keep the rooms lull and create a serene environment, just right for the afternoon naps. Gaps between fabric hangings can flash the sunlight on the eyes which is not just infuriating but disturbs the sleeping pattern as well. So unlike Monsoons and Winter, summer requires thick end to end curtains that make the rooms gloomy and comfortable
  1. The Chilly Flooring – Wooden, Stone, Ceramic and Marble floor have the tendency to keep the ground cool which allows for amazing floor seating. Just spread a mattress with a crispy white bed sheet or lay on some supple quilts and mats for a pleasant tryst with siesta and relish the luxury of unruffled, unorganized and unhindered latent arrangement. Cushions, tube pillows and throws will add to the new setting, making to more relaxed and inviting.


A sleep-welcoming space is derived when one’s mind and soul is at peace. Essentially one needs to be poised to be able to derive pleasure out of simple routine life. Following a proper schedule is often considered the best way for balancing life and unwinding at the end of the day. Reading, exercising, eating suitably and keeping self hydrated are requisites and must be heeded to, before anything else. A pleasant room with perfect soft furnishings only adds to your everyday rendezvous with forty winks! Nothing can replace the experience of sleeping like baby and getting up all jovial and bubbly.

Inputs by Sonam Gupta, Design Head  ,Tangerine Design Studio ; built by colour lovers, storytellers, perfection obsessed quirky designers who aim to bring  fashion to our customers’ lifestyle through a whole new range of Home products thereby giving home a new style identity. Colour has always been the focal point for our collection. I am constantly in sync with the trends and forecast all over the world. The challenge is really to identify and modify the trends to make them suitable for our Indian customers

Celebrate the Myriad volour of Love- AkzoNobel India

Dulux brings to you the most artistic ideas to paint your interiors with romance. To create a romantic atmosphere, you don’t need to resort to flowery prints and lacy fabrics. Instead, choose a subtle yet bold colour combination and pair it with soft, delicate fabrics – this will create a dreamy sanctuary that’s both elegant and modern.

 Red, the universal colour of romance

Emotions run high around red. Not only is it the colour of power, strength and energy, it’s also the colour of love. While muted shades of velvety red look fantastic in the bedroom, Scarlet’s Velvet or Old Glory are perfect for places where fervour and creativity overflows, such as in the kitchen or home office.


Embrace the pretty pink

Pink is essentially a light red and is usually associated with the qualities of caring, compassion and nurturing. From pale blush to the deepest magenta, pink is a versatile colour. For example, shocking pink, makes a great accent colour or feature wall in a living room.Shades of pink make a sophisticated combination when combined with black, gray or dark shades of blue. Keep pink fresh and clean by teaming it with plenty of white or create an urban feel by pairing your favourite pink hue with Tulle White. If you love being surrounded by vibrant colour, you could even go for a dramatic look by adding Venetian Turquoise, Crimson Red, Purple Fire or Warm Gold.

 Blue is the warmest colour

If you are planning to try something different and not too mainstream, Denim Drift is your answer. The colour of the year launched by Dulux perfectly captures the mood of the moment. Blue is timeless and versatile that takes on a different characteristic depending on the light, colour combination and situation. From the deepest ink blue which signifies deep feelings, to the palest misty blue. This new romanticism is about looking at things anew and reviving them using your imagination.


 Inputs by  Rajgopal, Director- Decorative Paints, AkzoNobel India

​​Junckers introduces Beech Twilight Grey Flooring

                                                    Embrace your living space

Junckers has recently launched an stirring range that brings together the premium wood from around the world.The latest addition is the Beech Twilight Grey collection that captures the natural grandeur of oak wood.This range,crafted to perfection makes your interior rich and royal.Junckers floor creates elegant harmony, is stylish and distinctive at the same time.

Beech is a hardwood species characterised by being exceptionally hard-wearing and therefore very suitable for flooring. When beech is toned with the colour Twilight Grey the floor appears with a deep grey look adding a feeling of tranquillity and stability, especially in combination with stronger colours in different interior or commercial designs. A solid hardwood floor has a natural beauty that provides unlimited design options to a room


Details –Thickness x width 14mm & 22mm  , Surface Ultra matt lacquer

Price: Rs.750/- per square foot

Available – M-170, GK – 2, M Block Market

Phone Number – 9871192234

Email –

India Design ID 2017 celebrate​d​ 5 years

India’s definitive Design Week was back with a bang

 India Design ID 2017 – India’s Definitive Design Week was back again with showcases from best decor brands along with eminent speakers from India and abroad. The exhibition that helps create a new generation of creative and business-based talent factories that help fuel the design economy of the country. India Design ID recognises and celebrates designers and creativity from diverse disciplines in designing ­– interiors, product design, architecture and installations.

The event comprises of three verticals – ID Exhibit, ID Symposium and ID Satellite. This collaboration aims to bring together the design community to share their experiences, knowledge and aesthetics through exhibitions, installations and discussions.

Commenting on the initiative, Gaurav Mashruwala, CEO, Ogaan Media Pvt. Ltd.  says, “This year we celebrate 5 years of India Design ID and over this time period, it has not only become the country’s premier design celebration but has very effectively changed the definition of good design & architecture in India.


ID EXHIBIT is an exhibition space that showcased the finest in home decoration, with high-end brands and designers unveiling their latest collections. This year,

India Design ID presented themed pavilions, namely Decoration, Decoration I, Decoration II, Design and Trends. Housed within the Decoration Pavilion being the best in décor, the Trends Pavilion presented the Colour Next trend forecasts for 2017, and the Design Pavilion showcased the talents of designers and design labels.

The Decoration Pavilion included established names such as Arttd’inox, Apartment9,  Antonio Lupi, Beyond Designs, K2India, Roca, BoConcept, Sarita Handa, The Pure Concept and Rational Kitchens by CJ Living to name a few.

The Trend Pavilion featured designer interpretations of the colour trends forecast for 2017. Asian Paints announced intense blue as their Colour Next 2017 forecasts at the event to supplement the efforts of creating awareness and backing the design intent of India Design ID 2017. There was also a third Decoration pavilion which is an addition to India Design ID 2017 which featured new exhibitors namely, 2R Italian Design, Alex Davis, Casa Medici/Golden Locks, iGuzzini/LSI, Intersekt, Italian Trade Agency, Ora Mosaic


ID Symposium,

which seeks to inspire the design fraternity in India, and also offer a networking opportunity to build relationships within the industry. ID Symposium featured engaging speakers from different walks of life, such as Alberto Alessi, Humberto Campana, Sou Fujimoto, Ashiesh Shah, Sanjay Puri, Alberto Meda, Li Edelkoort to name a few.


ID Satellite, the hip offsite vertical discovers design districts of Delhi with promotions, collaborations and events across different venues through week long festivities at design districts like Lado Sarai, Meharchand Market, Shahpur Jat, Defence Colony, and MG Road with new additions at Khan Market and Greater Kailash which will have the capital buzzing with design. The participating venues will feature design-linked activities across lifestyle stores, restaurants, malls, bookshops, galleries, select public/private locations, with an explosion of launches, new collections, cocktails, previews, reviews and special events.

The event saw over 40,000 visitors, from the design trade as well as design-conscious consumers

Highlights of India Design ID 2017

  • Launch of the third Decoration Pavilion which is an addition to India Design ID 2017 which will feature new exhibitors namely 2R Italian Design, Alex Davis, Casa Medici/Golden Locks, iGuzzini/LSI, Intersekt, Italian Trade Agency, Ora Mosaic
  • A collaboration between ELLE DECOR India and Goderj Interio, Godrej Design Lab was established in 2014 to give designers an opportunity to bring to life their dream furniture products. The winners also get a chance to see their concepts come to life, thank to research and development facilities made available to them by Godrej Interio. The finalists picked by an eminent jury get to showcase the prototypes of their winning products at India Design ID.
  • In its milestone 15th year now, EDIDA in partnership with Sunil Sethi Design Alliance is an effort to recognize and acknowledge the best and most innovative Indian designs and the minds behind them. It is a platform for established as well as upcoming creatives to showcase their work across nine home decor categories – bathware, bedroom, fabrics, furniture, flooring, kitchen, lighting, tableware, wall finishes and coverings; and three exclusive segments – Designer of the Year, Young Talent and Student of the Year. helmed by Ananya Birla came on board as the title sponsor for EDIDA India 2016. The winners were announced in a grand ceremony at the iconic Royal Opera House,
  • Mumbai. The finalists of the Indian adaptation not only get their own showcase at India
  • Design ID each year but also qualify for the international EDIDAs.
  • In order to keep things fresh and relevant, every industry needs to pass the baton on to the younger generation. So is the case with design. An initiative by the Park Hotels, headlined by Priya Paul, Chairperson of Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels and ELLE DECOR India, the Park ELLE DECOR Student contest aims to give a boost to students by rewarding their work and unique thought processes. Talent is recognised across four categories namely accessories, fabric, furniture and lighting. The finalists are felicitated at India Design ID, where their products get a special showcase.
  • In an effort to create an environmentally conscious gesture, MOFA Studios our design partner in collaboration with Cutting Creations and rat[Lab] – research in architecture and technology plans to create a mega urban landscape stretching from one end of the venue to another using scrap wood, dotting the central promenade right from one end to the other. These fluid funicular structures rising from the ground create interactive spaces for people to sit, lounge around with endless cups of teas n coffees and for kids to climb, adding a factor of human interaction with the built environment.