Are Bedrooms small ? Tips by Shagufta Anurag, Chief Design Evangelist,

With ever-soaring relocation to cities for work, the urban spaces are forever shrinking; making space planning and clever design more relevant than ever before. The space in a room, while may seem quantitative at first, but from a designer’s perspective — it is subjective and can be considered largely about driving perceptions. Being mindful of how you approach your interiors can indeed alter your room and make it more spacious. For a smaller-than-traditional master bedroom, you can :


Rethink furniture:



To make any room spacious think about your furniture differently. Can folding chairs suffice your needs? Or having a bedside shelf for a table, to open up visual space while keeping the functionality intact? You can also consider a rolling table, instead of a stationary one, to allow your space to become transitional.  While these ideas hold true, some basic considerations like choosing a compact bed in lieu of a poster bed, will all save space in a small bedroom? Also, furniture with storage becomes crucial in smaller spaces.


Use reflective elements:


Reflective elements like mirrors will help to open up spaces. It is a clever yet low-budget decor tip — places a full-body mirror strategically in a room; this will visually add space to the room, no matter which angle it is viewed from.


A clever color palette:


The common wisdom goes that painting your room in light colors gives the illusion of space. You can choose classic favourites like white and beige or slightly deviate with the trending greige or barely-there pastels in pink, blue, coral or mint hues for a refreshing update. Additionally, it may seem counter-intuitive, but painting one or two walls in deep rich shades of grey or aubergine can also make a room look spacious — by creating the right amount of shadows, letting natural light in and blending wall edges in one colour can cause the illusion. When going the darker way, consult a professional to get it right and choose a glossy paint finish to reflect light.


Vertical ideas:


Choose ideas which draw the eye upwards. This includes picking floor-to-ceiling length curtains and vertical storage — what you lack in terms of horizontal floor space, make up for it with the wall space. For instance, a floor to wall open shelving solution is a great idea if you keep it organized and uncluttered.


Edit and Declutter: 

Small spaces actually give us a chance to tightly edit what we own and display. This allows only the things we absolutely love to make the cut — no unwanted extras, which is a great thing in itself. So declutter what you already own and avoid getting overwhelmed and introducing a lot of accessories. This rule applies especially to artwork, as minimally adorned walls give the illusion of space.



The AC that saves every day


Smart Inverter-01

Gone are those days when owning air conditioners was a luxury. Nowadays, it has become a necessity. In coming years, demand for air conditioner equipped with advanced technologies is going to surge on the account of factors like increased pollution, affordability, changing weather conditions. LG has tremendously changed the air conditioners beyond basics. The emphasis is to encompass air conditioners with more superlative features that goes beyond heating and cooling. LG has pushed boundaries to make AC more durable and ensure that it consumes energy as little as possible. LG has introduced an AC that saves every day.

Loaded with inverter V technology, LG’s revolutionary air conditioner comes with variable tonnage technology (V) which reduces energy consumption by 66%. These ACs have been designed to provide 30% faster cooling till the desire temperature is reached which saves energy.  As a result of extensive research and development, it is India’s only AC that is loaded with unique mosquito repel feature by using the ultrasonic wave technology, a convenient way to keep mosquitoes out of your room keeping your family safe from mosquitoes .

LG has brought the best of both worlds by developing an air conditioner that delivers superior comfort and also suitable for variable Indian climatic conditions. LG smart inverter AC is smart in all ways. Anti -rust coating has also made this AC more durable and its inbuilt double protection filter which not only prevents the dust or germs from collecting in the AC but also saves us from many after sale services. It has all the good reasons to make an investment as the same can be easily be recovered within one year of purchase and help you make handsome saving thereafter. Besides having these exceptional features, AC is also equipped with basic smart functions to make your living comfortable like auto restart, auto clean, and Auto on and off, night glow remote to operate in dark. The time has come to say good bye to your ordinary air conditioners and bring home a LG smart inverter AC which is low maintenance and highly efficient while it keeps your home fresh with healthy air.

This is how it works

The Smart inverter AC uses the Variable Tonnage technology, which allows the product to automatically vary the cooling capacity as per the ambient conditions and user requirements.For example, a 1.5 Ton rated LG Smart Inverter air conditioner can vary its cooling from as low as 0.26 Ton to as high as a 1.71 Ton.

Whenever you start your air conditioner with whichever mode whether cooling or heating, the compressor will first operate at maximum capacity to achieve the required temperature quickly. And once the required temperate is achieved, unlike conventional air conditioners that keep switching compressor ON and OFF, Inverter series air conditioners adjust and constantly vary the cooling capacity to maintain the desired temperature with minimum fluctuation, so that your comfort zone is not compromised at all times.